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I think the biggest issue is I spent a lot of time trying to make the purple slime mechanics really cool, and then had no time to actually build puzzles around it. I was trying to do a whole like voltage thing where as you chain them together the power gets distributed between all nodes based on the distance between the power node. So a puzzle might be to somehow get a receiver node to get EXACTLY like 75w or something like that. In the end debugging how it worked took too long and I basically had to axe most of it.  

Fun game for sure, most of my complaints were just level design choices I didn't agree with more than anything. Beyond that, the text beeping noise is WAY too loud. It should be like 1/4th the volume it currently is hahaha.

Great job! Very interesting concept. I did run into a handful of bugs. the most common one was I'd move onto a tile with food and then die. My guess is that after stepping on the tile, it switches to a weapon while I'm standing on it and before it's destroyed. Anyway good Idea!

This was great! I really liked how the rings stacked in order. The only problem I had was I would often die because an enemy was in a hole or corner and wouldn't come out, I had no guns that angled in a way that could hit him, so I had to sit around waiting and hoping they'd come out eventually or bait them out and get run over before I could shoot cause they move so fast. Other than that it was great!

The 9 Day Jam  theme is "Simple"

1) Yeah definitely see that, it was planned but I didn't get time to add the toggle button script on Sunday, since Sunday was also the time I added sounds haha. Events were also not supposed to be as frequent as they were, they were supposed to be like 1 every ~40 minutes so it would be a lot less annoying, and since they are miss-able I wanted to be sure to alert the user that there was an event.

2) Yeah that's something I had thought of, I needed to change how the buttons work to make it possible :/

Yeah I didn't have enough time to change my sprite button script to have states for normal/hover/active as well as having the mouse have an icon that changes

Thanks for the feedback that's definitely something I plan to work on

Interesting. Did this happen during the first player creation(after launching the exe) or was it after a win/loss and you were starting over?

Also what version was this? Windows 7/10 x64/x86?

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I uploaded a new version that has windows 7 as its target so this one may work, as well as it no longer crashes if your console window cant support 171 characters wide(if you get that error it will show you a message, just decrease the font size and it should fix it). Please try this one and let me know if it works

I've been having issues as well on various machines. Open a command window(Shift Right click an empty part of the folder and open cmd/powershell) and try typing RLGame18.exe

The biggest issue seems to be that the application can't force the window to open large enough(The game's window needs to be pretty big for all the UI) Just try to full screen the command prompt or powershell.

if you get an error about buffer size then I don't quite know what that's about yet. .NET core is kind of new to me and I was experimenting. Sorry for the inconvenience! I'm working to solve issues as soon as I can.