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I've been having issues as well on various machines. Open a command window(Shift Right click an empty part of the folder and open cmd/powershell) and try typing RLGame18.exe

The biggest issue seems to be that the application can't force the window to open large enough(The game's window needs to be pretty big for all the UI) Just try to full screen the command prompt or powershell.

if you get an error about buffer size then I don't quite know what that's about yet. .NET core is kind of new to me and I was experimenting. Sorry for the inconvenience! I'm working to solve issues as soon as I can.

Thanks for the response! I still wasn't able to open the game from powershell... Maybe its something specific to my system? Anyway, no worries. I took a snapshot of the powershell response for you, should you be so curious tho.

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I uploaded a new version that has windows 7 as its target so this one may work, as well as it no longer crashes if your console window cant support 171 characters wide(if you get that error it will show you a message, just decrease the font size and it should fix it). Please try this one and let me know if it works