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Thank you, perfect.

Thanks for feedback! If you have the time, could you try and describe how the controls "were a bit too fluid"? If you felt they should be tighter, with less sliding, or perhaps more predictable jump height? (jumping against a wall have friction, this I have fixed in my post jam version)

Good game, unfortunately also missing an axe in level 2.

Alright! Did you juice them and finish the level? If so, out of curiosity what time did you get?

Thanks for testing! (it is possible to get em all, but a bit of trolley feeling is not bad for the theme haha)

Great game! Was frustrating at the start until I realised the button triggers on up (at least if using mouse), which was why my perfect clicks always missed. If intended for difficulty all good, otherwise maybe consider trigger on down.

Really enjoyed this!

You sure the fishes are dead? Great feel to it

This was good, second the wish that there were more levels 👍


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After many years with no game development, I finally got back to it and went through the whole process from start to finish.

Hive P v. S is a mashup of classic arcade games. You fly around, collect stars and avoid a tail that forms and starts to chase you. Eliminate the tale with power-ups to get the big scores. It gets harder, more happens and eventually only your endurance will limit how far that high score can go. If high enough, post it to the global high score list for us all to view!

Game was created with PixiJS, Preact and Bulma to run in browsers. Native builds created using Capacitor and Electron. Check the blog post for details.

Hive P v. S is free to play in the browser, being as identical to the native builds as possible. Native builds are $2.99.