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Thank you for detailed comment! Yes that does sound like a bug, there was no elevator riding when I did the death from falling to far, so very likely something I did not think of :)

Clever and to the point, easy to understand, fun to play. Well done and I join the choir for more levels post-jam.

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Good! First time when sneaking about I thought I had 100% knowledge of his whereabouts, then the music suddenly stopped... turned around and boom!

Thanks! I use Inkscape to draw, sometimes I animate using Synfig, but in this case did frames in Inkscape as well. Screen in this blog post I usually do all in white with shades, then tint the sprites in code. The engine is something I created based on PixiJS and make scenes in Tiled. Indeed, if I develop it further, picking and dropping would be worked on!

Thanks! Yeah, originally had more signs that said so, but it looked cluttered so I removed it :) If continuing the game, then yes I agree, it would be an addition needed to have tutorial or instructions.

Well done!

Came for 2-3 levels, stayed for 9. 


Enjoyed it. If you do more like it, adding some music/sound might beef it up further.

Very well done for a first attempt.  I liked listening for radio anomalies, the sounds to make it sound like tuning through the frequencies were well made. I possibly got a bug. I had turned off all the lights and was doing the scanning in the dark with the flashlight,, when the first event occurred (in the bathroom?). This made all the lights turn on, and the one in the bathroom to flicker. Then there was this loud noise that kept repeating indefinitely. First I thought it was intended, as it stressed me out having a much more difficult time listening to frequencies, which was great. But then as it continued on and on, I started to think it was not intended to continue like that?  I think I found two more frequencies, got the voice to instruct me to continue and then tried to find more frequencies and gave up.

There's a meter?! Had three goes, satisfying pling.

Good to hear you might continue develop something like it, this is great! 

Good to hear, was aiming for era around Atari time :) There is no punch button. While holding an object you can throw it by keeping space pressed down for a short bit. So tapping space picks and drops, holding shortly and releasing throws. It's a bit rushed, my original intention was to create levels were you take alternate paths or use distractions to get by enemies. 

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Had a great time tending to my chores. Unfortunately when "something is chasing you" and I tried to run in, just before the door, I think my character collapsed. Either from running, sleep or perhaps cold? It automatically put me in bed, and after waking up I could no longer interact only walk around in the room and look out the window (interesting things occurred... :)). It felt this was not the intended way for the game to play out? The checklist got reset for example as well. Will have another go later as it was a good experience, good work!

Looks great! Could not get past the sniper :(

99 steps. Sounds good an characters looks good. It seemed to work pretty well to hammer the keys, if to improve upon probably to be more unforgiving to that.

Short but sweet!

Tried a couple of times, got you lose after picking up random objects. Unsure if there is anything to do to not get this?

Tried to play, but unfortunately it looks like this on a mac. 

Great entry! Concise and well executed. If any complaints, it would be that I got all (or close to all) encounters in the same room. It was the room below the stairs, with the house front door in. 

Thanks! You can change the zoom level in settings under camera. I fiddle a bit with it, trying to find a good default value, but hard with how it works on different screens and ratios. 

Did 4 attempts to see what differences there could be. Good job to spark the interest to learn more about it

Update the platform the game is for, don't think it says so anywhere and the game will not show up if filtering entries with platforms. Will try when I have access to a pc!

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Hey! You should update and set what platform it is (I checked the zip so I know it is Windows) but did not know before and missing platform makes the game not show up if you sort submissions by platform. No access to Windows at the moment, but looks interesting, so will have a go when I have.

Aaaaaah, the footstep sounds... stressful. Peek and Boo is a good combo, well done.

Ah, shame no enemies, good feel to move and shoot.

Had a bit of trouble understanding how to play, event with the explanation, but once I got it I was adventuring away. Unfortunately on level 3 and a few rounds in my browser hang and I had to force quit. Good work!

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First I was intrigued, then uncertain how much can happen? I did the guy up to 7 intelligence then was not sure anything else could be done.

Stayed longer than planned! That string/noise whine that sometimes comes in the music was stressing me out, so many lost sales heh

Thank you for kind comments and trying the game!

Surprised by the size of the world! Cool that as you play you find more depth to the actions than you first think there are.

Thank you, perfect.

Thanks for feedback! If you have the time, could you try and describe how the controls "were a bit too fluid"? If you felt they should be tighter, with less sliding, or perhaps more predictable jump height? (jumping against a wall have friction, this I have fixed in my post jam version)

Good game, unfortunately also missing an axe in level 2.

Alright! Did you juice them and finish the level? If so, out of curiosity what time did you get?

Thanks for testing! (it is possible to get em all, but a bit of trolley feeling is not bad for the theme haha)

Great game! Was frustrating at the start until I realised the button triggers on up (at least if using mouse), which was why my perfect clicks always missed. If intended for difficulty all good, otherwise maybe consider trigger on down.

Really enjoyed this!

You sure the fishes are dead? Great feel to it

This was good, second the wish that there were more levels 👍