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A level 3 is a open world levelI started creating terrain, grass, trees and soon will add rocks,assets and zombie enemies.

Its a open world in desert envinronment.

please post comments about video.


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1.0.6 updated improvements in the walking animations in the graphic quality of the zombies and all the darkened bloods. only U$0.99 promotion per limited time!Its a Open World Level.

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version 1.0.5 available now.Now improved quality graphic of game!Update animations of enemies. Enjoy!

Hi there I have create a game alone I,m fan of FPS with zombies then make a game with style survival arcade!Enjoy

A intro-trailler added

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Ok i think its good value. I just finishing my intro of game.hope send tomorrow.

ok sure the comission to is 10% per download right?


Since i put my game paid with link here my game dont appear more.I add yesterday in category survival whats  is happning?

can you help me please?

Ok will try go to lan house.

to make that.

How i request withdrawal to paypal what people to contatc in at finish month? 

In payments faq dont have paypal option how will pay? there have only stripe no work in my contry

I need seel in paypal understand? work with stripe not accept yet in my country.

if i put game on direct can set a paypal button here on description?

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I dont have good internet for now for made update.The file around 260mb.i just add screenshots and cover please post my game.Help me with project.I m alone

Available on windows 64 bits plataforms

Is a HD game better resolution to play is 1360x768 or 1366X768

Please after download and play post feedback from FPS got in gameplay session


and please help with our project!

hi there.Its my page

can you help me please.