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Why cant find my game on search list?

A topic by smartgames1010 created Apr 13, 2018 Views: 592 Replies: 16
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hi there.Its my page

can you help me please.


That's because your game has no screenshots, no cover art, and... did you paste a YouTube URL in the external download field? Why not put the game files on

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I dont have good internet for now for made update.The file around 260mb.i just add screenshots and cover please post my game.Help me with project.I m alone


It's much better now, if still not showing up. But if your internet is too slow to upload the game to, then how are you going to send it to people directly? Besides, could collect payments for you, and deal with sales tax where needed.

My advice is to put the video in the "Gameplay video or trailer" field where it belongs, and sell the game through; you can easily set a minimum $3 price, and even keep all of it if you like. Do you have the game uploaded to Dropbox, by any chance? Then you can connect your accounts and pull the game from there, no need to upload it again. work with stripe not accept yet in my country.

if i put game on direct can set a paypal button here on description?

Moderator pays through PayPal just fine, that's how I get my money. It only uses Stripe as a payment processor -- in other words, to take money from buyers. So you can just sell through the normal way, no need to put your own PayPal button anywhere.

In payments faq dont have paypal option how will pay? there have only stripe no work in my contry

I need seel in paypal understand?


Yes, and again, will send you money through PayPal. That's how I get money from my own sales. No Stripe where I live either.

How i request withdrawal to paypal what people to contatc in at finish month? 


You can request a payout any time you have a few dollars. (Money is first kept for a week.) On your dashboard there is a Payout tab; you can go there to connect your PayPal account, then a button will appear that says "Initiate payout". It will take a few more days after that, and you can see in the list below how long it's taking.

Ok will try go to lan house.

to make that.

Deleted post

Since i put my game paid with link here my game dont appear more.I add yesterday in category survival whats  is happning?

can you help me please?


I forgot to tell you that paid games have to be reviewed by an admin first. That usually takes around 36 hours.

ok sure the comission to is 10% per download right?