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Hey @0particle :) yeah, a bit of a known bug that we didn't have time to iron out before the deadline.  We decided to think of it as an "easter egg" haha

Thank you for the feedback though!

The graphics and sound are really cute, and I really appreciate the ability to turn the sound down.  I'm not sure I understand the connection to the theme of "it is not real", but it's well put together :) well done!

I couldn't figure out the controls for attacking, so just died :(  There were a lot of enemies right at the start, so the difficulty ramped up very quickly.  Neat concept though!

Really neat idea, and I love the graphics :) I wasn't sure where the end of the game was, so I stopped after a while.  Great job though!

I really enjoyed the play of this game, and the graphics are fantastic.  I found that the vacuum was difficult to use because it was attached to my movement, so I would have preferred that it have it's own keybind.  I found some of the sound effects to be very loud too, but the ambiance was overall very good.  Congrats!

Oh wow!!  Good job on building this in 2 days then!!

I really liked the "view the code to see the bugs" mechanic, that was super neat.  It was a neat interpretation of the "it is not real" theme as well.  I thought the story could use some more, but considering it was a week long jam, it was really good :) Congrats!

I had a really hard time with this one.  Since I had no indication of where each door would take me, or where I needed to go in the first place, I found myself just wandering around trying to find the last key while spamming 'space' as fast as I could.  I really like the idea behind the "it's not real" theme, but I think changing the space mechanic to be something different (ghost get's too close, or starts making sounds) would make it much easier to play though the game.  I had to give up when my arm got tired :(

The sound gave a good ambiance to the game though, and I love the pixel art :)

Really good work for a jam!  I liked the puzzle scaling, though almost got caught by the timed lever level :) Well done!