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Really well done, love how the webgl build works. All 5s

Wow, a jam game with a story and dialogue is quite rare, I had fun playing it and reading the dialogue, at first I thought my goal was to consume all the planets and got so big that the planets just died instantly

Thanks for your feedback! 

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback!, maybe if I had more time I would have the ghost be able to go through walls (just because the texture came wayy after the coding), you should have also seen level 3 BEFORE it was nerfed, but getting stuck, and tight timings was the reason for the nerf.

The puzzles were very good and it felt very polished! The animations were great and the level transitions were very smooth! well done!

The art was great! and the controls were easy to use and remember, It was quite fun to play! I liked the "doodle jump" platforms that let you jump up from underneath them but not fall through them! I had one issue where pressing space would make it rain apples at a super fast rate and make the tiles and held apples invisible!

Really nice game! I liked that there was a variety of enemies and the idea of using drones to help you progress through the rooms was great! 

This game looks very polished and was fun, I got the neutral ending the first time I played. Though I wasn't really sure what the buttons do, the background looks very nice and the blur made it even better!

This was a fun and easy to understand game! The puzzles were interesting and creative, it felt really polished and the movement was smooth. It would be better if the controls remained the same when you aborted, and if you could use your mouse to click the UI buttons

Nice game! I had fun playing it, The movement was smooth and the controls were easy to remember, the only bad thing was that the difficulty went up very quickly and I got stuck on level 5 for a long time

I had fun playing this game, it had simple and easy to understand controls, and I liked that you could "deflect" some bullets by shooting at them. The movement was a bit janky but other than that it was a nice game!

I'm also gonna work on my game!

This is a nice game. It was really easy to understand it! The graphics were good and the music sounded nice! good job!

This game has a nice "retro" style to it, it looks like one the old 3d games that were made using screen rays! One question is: is there a way to destroy the enemies?

This concept of a dice roller where the player can move more than the dice is really good! The level designs were interesting and I liked how there were multiple tile sets used in this game! Really well made!

This is a really fun game! It looks very polished and the animations look smooth! One thing I noticed is that you used a float (or something like that) to store the money, and when I got to ridiculously high amounts of money it would display ##e+# (# is any number), maybe use a double next time? Other than that I had lots of fun playing this game!

Thanks for comment! I'm glad you had fun!

This was a fun fruit ninja like game! It felt polished as slowing and cutting felt good and smooth. There was one issue where my high score was very high when I just started the game. Other than that I had lots of fun!

I love this concept of not having the dice roll be random! this makes it different from other games (including mine) that have random dice rolls! One thing I noticed is that when you have a 5 and move it resets back to 1 meaning that 6 doesn't exist?

This is a really fun and good game! It feels very polished! The animations were smooth and looked great! Good Job!

Thanks for your comment! Maybe if I had more time I could have added another thing that was connected to the dice, maybe after the jam though.

Thank you for your feedback! During this jam I didn't have enough time to code a good system for move unlocking, and the move smash is like a "Safe" move because it's damage remains a constant value instead of changing with the dice roll, but you won't be able to beat later levels only using smash.


Great game! I like how you have the option to re roll you dices and you can choose which ones to keep! The music was very enjoyable and the art fit very well into the game! Good job!

This game is nice! The art looks like it fits together and looks pretty nice! However the movement controls felt a little bit off, other than that it was a good game!

Thank You!

Thank you for your feedback!


Playing a dice roller in this shape made this game's experience quite different from the other dice rollers! The concept and execution was great. After the jam, you could add some UI and a main menu with high scores!

This game was very fun to play! This game has very good visuals and the music fit the game very well! The only issue I have experienced was that the dice would sometimes glide and I would click on the wrong face. Other than that, amazing work!

The gameplay was simple and easy to understand! It was quite fun to play because it took some thinking to actually have a good prediction. Good job!

I like the concept of having chess pieces attack you because you can immediately know most of what they can do. The animations and movement also felt very smooth. Good job!

This is a really good game, it looks very polished! The art, music, and sounds fit together very well! The screen wipe animations also looked very good. Well done!

Good job on this game! The movement felt very smooth and the shooting sounds fit very well!

Really good game! I liked the enemy animations and how they get a little puffy trail effect when they move!

Great game! I had lots of fun playing it! The music and sounds fit perfectly together!


Great job with this game! and congratulations on finishing a jam game! The art in this game is great and the movement feels very smooth. Sometimes when I walk off the edge whilst pressing two buttons the animations become a bit janky, but other than that it is a great game!

I really didn't expect to see a text adventure in this game jam! This game was fun to play and it was quite polished, however I think that the text could be slightly different (like a different font or color) because it was a bit hard to read!