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Thanks! I am focusing on the new features and bug fixes right now. When it will be feature complete I will port it to MacOS.

If you’re an artist, game developer or web developer and you need to create a color palette for your project quickly or edit one that you already have, then give this tool a try.

Palette Wizard is on Early Access sale right now. 

You can download a demo and try it's features.

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If you have any feature request or you have improvement suggestions please place them here.

I will try to implement all features requested by you (within reason).

Please note that some of them might be not possible to implement.

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If you encounter any bugs please describe them here.

Please be precise if it is possible. 

What were you doing when the bug appeared?

What should I do to repeat this bug? 

The more descriptive you are the more easy is to locate a bug and fix it.

Thank you very much!

Rosette and Words is a crossword game puzzle where you must find words in a board full of letter tiles. 

On each level, you are provided with a list of words to find in a specific amount of time. 

Game Features:
- Two game modes: Timed and Relaxed.
- A database of over 240,000 words creates a different level each time you play.
- Timed mode offers 96 level stages.
- Relaxed mode contains a customizable board size and an infinite number of levels.
- Create over 2,000 unique rosettes in the Rosette Editor.
- Enjoy relaxing music.
- Choose from light or dark mode, and a variety of color palettes.

You can download it here 15% off during launch week:

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Game Maker Studio assets sale

My Game Maker Studio assets are on sale right now! 

With these assets you can make: 

  • lightning, 
  • scaling game window to the mobile device, 
  • virtual keyboard,
  •  realistic blood splashes, 
  • realistic water/jelly simulation,
  •  character selection, 
  • 2D ragdolls, 
  • house ads 
  • and more. 

There are also complete game engines which you can build upon including: 

  • Match 3 engine, 
  • Mahjong engine, 
  • 1010 engine, 
  • Balls vs blocks 
  • and more.

You can get each one of these assets with 20% discount or all of them with 30% discount. 

Details for each asset can be found on this Sale page

if you have questions I am usually available on twitter @smallbigsquare 


How can I download a demo?

Thanks for playing. People have problems understanding how to play it :) I didn't have time to make proper tutorial during the jam. 

I have seen in the video that you had problems with teleporter. X - is used to place it and pressed second time teleports player to its location.  C is used to clear teleport so you can place it in different place.

Second thing is genome you have created. You would get better results if you had placed dots in forward and root boxes for all directions in the beginning.

Third that grey arrow points you to the "Flower" which after unlocking will let you level up your genome.

Example genome 

2 dots to forward in all 4 directions UP DW LT RT

3 dots to root in all 4 directions

That will allow you to grow bigger trees and gather more dots for further experiments with a genome.

Thanks Megawacky Max. I had a little time to make a proper tutorial. When I think about it right now I see that I could make some things that would make the game easier to grasp. Game developers are always learning so I have few more things that I have learned.

Thank you for playing!

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I was in a hurry to finish the game before Procjam ends and I was unable to do a proper tutorial.

To help you started:

Collect as many small dots as possible you have 1000 in the start. Press enter and modify genome. Experiment with different options. There is also a help in the main menu. To level up your genome you must find grey circle things (however each one require different method of unlocking). When you modify genome keep in mind that plant is growing in four directions denoted by up, dw, lt, rt. It is possible to make it behave differently for each direction. Genome is executed from top to bottom. Most important are the roots which are like new plants. Enough of these and plant will grow huge fast.

Example for UP direction

If you put two dots for left two for forward and four for root it will have 50% chance that plant will turn left 50% that it will go forward in up direction and 48% chance that new root will be created. If a new root is created the process will be repeated for it.

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It is a platformer where you create plants by modifying their genome. 

Each plant gives you "life" points which can be used to further modify and upgrade their genomes.

Game was made for #Procjam 2017