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Slug Camargo

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OK, now I finished it. Looking forward to that cake :D

Just for my own peace of mind: Is there a way to go back from the last section after I closed the two waterfalls? I figured I could try the dive ability on previous areas, but I couldn't find a way to return.

Also, is there a way to get to the chest in this screenshot?

OK, After a couple hours with it, I'm loving this game. I love all the tiny details like the dripping humidity in the caves, and the grass swaying in the wind, and how water splashes when you fall in, and the dust particles when you jump, and the frankly impressively detailed animations (I can't get over how lively Melon's hair looks, for instance).

The off-center fullscreen thing I commented about before is most likely due to the resolution of my old monitor, I'm playing it on the TV now (1080p) and the fullscreen option of the in-game menu works as expected.

In case you're interested to know, I'm using a Steam controller and it works mighty fine (which is to be expected if you already tried a 360 one, but still, I guess it's good to know).

Question: I reached this point in the map and I can't seem to reach the ledge on the left, nor can I get to the top of silos 01 or 04 (where two chests are mocking me). I'm pretty sure I have nowhere else to go in the map and this would seem to be the way forward. What am I missing?

When I go fullscreen via the options menu, something weird happens: The image is slightly off-centered, I get a black bars on the left and on top, whereas the right and bottom sides of the image get cut out (just as seen in the image below).

However, if I go windowed in the options menu and force fullscreen by pressing ALT+ENTER, then the image is perfectly centered.

No idea what this is about. I'm using a 1366x768 monitor, in case that's important.

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Do you have (or plan on having) a discord server? It seems to be pretty useful when it comes to give feedback and for general interaction between devs and the community.

Edit: I deleted a comment because I had gotten stuck and after I made a question I realized what I was supposed to do. Sometimes I'm a massive idiot XD

I'm enjoying the game so far, the controls need a tad of tuning at some points (particularly I think a wee bit of Coyote Time for the platforming would go a long way, as the limits of the platforms are way too strict right now; and the swimming feels somewhat unintuitive), but for the most part it feels responsive and I really enjoyed it overall. There's definitely the core of a solid game in there.

Solo vi los primeros minutos, pero ya es bastante impresionante :o

¿Hay alguna manera de correr por defecto? Tener que mantener apretado un boton se vuelve tedioso.

By the way, I played it again and I found *another* hidden area (the black space up and to the right). I think I already cleared all the map, but I can't be sure anymore XD

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I finally did it! Man, I love this game to bits. It's already in my top 5 favourite games of the year. The first boss felt somewhat too easy, but the other two ramped up the challenge very nicely --the one that used to live in this room here took some serious effort.

That was an impressive amount of content for such an early demo! And everything pretty nicely polished as well, didn't experience any problems in a good few hours of searching every nook and cranny.

I think I finally got everything there was to get, and I loved every moment of it.

This is already shaping up to be one of my favourite games of the last few years.

One question: I found 7 fugitive souls. Should there be one more or are those all?

Wait, should I have a double jump? Because I'm pretty sure I don't.

By the way, I neglected mentioning the soundtrack before: I know it's way too early at this point, but you might wanna consider put that up for sale as DLC or something, because I'm definitely interested already.

Loving the gameplay! I can see a lot of potential here. I mean, it plays beautifully already, I can only imagine it getting better.

A few observations:

• A tutorial would be really useful. It took me quite a bit to realize how many moves I could actually perform (in fact, I just went in to try something and somehow I grabbed an enemy and piledrived (piledrove?) him, it was amazing!).

• Probably related: I beat the boss of the first area with some kind of insane hadouken thing, but I can't for the life of me figure out how I pulled that (I'm seeing it in one of your screenshots, in fact).

• Can you consider putting the roll and the block in different buttons? It's kind of messy having them both in the same one, I rolled away into danger by accident (I was just trying to block) quite a few times.

• Finally, how do I clear these two gaps (see pics)? I would assume the first one requires some sort of dash and the second a double jump, but I didn't find anything such upgrades.

Well that was quite fun. Lots of good ideas in there. I like the non-lethal, cute/naughty approach to combat; and I'm really digging the platforming so far. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Just to make sure I got everything: The dash and wall jump are only available in the "tech demo" area, right? Not in the main game?

For what it's worth, I'm running it in a GTX 950, 8GB RAM and a Pentium G4560 CPU and it ran at a steady 60 fps as far as I got.

I've been doing some testing and apparently it has something to do with not using the default binding, for some reason the controller freaks out every now and then if I map "dash" to B instead of RT. So yeah, officially rebinding buttons would be awesome.

Just beat the giant spider, that was a great fight!

This is quite good!

Question: Why does the dash just cease to work altogether? At one point it doesn't respond to the button anymore, and I can't find any indicator as to why. I'm finding some obstacles that are clearly meant to be dashed over, so I'm guessing it's a bug?

Also, any chance to have an option to rebind the buttons? I'm not very comfortable with the default layout (I know it's a fairly common one, but I like my weird bindings XD ).

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Looks lovely and the gameplay mechanics are solid. I wasn't expecting the boss to be so challenging, and it was a pleasant surprise. That said, the MP meter could be a tad more forgiving; especially if getting hit will disable the powered up staff, throwing a pretty important MP investment out the window.

I'm absolutely in love with the animations, there are a handful of details that truly sell the game.

All in all, I'm fully hooked and expecting eagerly the full release.