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Do you have (or plan on having) a discord server? It seems to be pretty useful when it comes to give feedback and for general interaction between devs and the community.

Edit: I deleted a comment because I had gotten stuck and after I made a question I realized what I was supposed to do. Sometimes I'm a massive idiot XD

I'm enjoying the game so far, the controls need a tad of tuning at some points (particularly I think a wee bit of Coyote Time for the platforming would go a long way, as the limits of the platforms are way too strict right now; and the swimming feels somewhat unintuitive), but for the most part it feels responsive and I really enjoyed it overall. There's definitely the core of a solid game in there.

Hey thanks for the feedback! So as for the full screen stuff, I'll look into that later, it might be some case I've missed, that I'm not supporting enough resolutions or something, I'm glad Alt+Enter worked for you though, so that's "fine". As for Discord server that's not a bad idea. Kinda don't want the added pressure of managing a Discord along with building a game in my freetime, but might set one up in the future for people who are interested enough that they'd want to playtest on the regular. I'll work hard on improving all the issues with the demo in the coming weeks, but I'm glad you're enjoying something about the game atleast :)