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1.  Buy four ships.

2.  Buy black holes for all of them.

3.  Max mouse sensitivity and pour some points into ship speed for good measure.

3. ????

4. Profit!

Seriously though, it was pretty fun for what it is, though it's impossible to balance and create a fun cohesive experience out of it. It's crazy over the top with all the options and upgrades (but I guess you know that) and trying to play it slow and strategically is just straight up not possible. Brute force is the way to go with flailing the mouse around and spamming meteors hoping the enemy dies before you do (which they do.) Finished the 10-10 in 12 seconds.

So here's some feedback for you. The floor is ice, enemy AI is pretty bad, it's easy to just sneak by them because of their narrow vision and kind of set pattern movement, they should probably be hunting you down like Hotline Miami or whatever. The camera made me nauseous, maybe fix the camera on the character instead of on the reticle, or maybe make the camera lag behind the reticle a bit so it's not so instant. Grenade dudes have way too much health, the bullet time mechanic is a bit underwhelming right now, you don't get too much out of it. The enemies have basically perfect aim which is in stark contrast with their AI. Graphics could always use a bit of prettying up.