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OK, After a couple hours with it, I'm loving this game. I love all the tiny details like the dripping humidity in the caves, and the grass swaying in the wind, and how water splashes when you fall in, and the dust particles when you jump, and the frankly impressively detailed animations (I can't get over how lively Melon's hair looks, for instance).

The off-center fullscreen thing I commented about before is most likely due to the resolution of my old monitor, I'm playing it on the TV now (1080p) and the fullscreen option of the in-game menu works as expected.

In case you're interested to know, I'm using a Steam controller and it works mighty fine (which is to be expected if you already tried a 360 one, but still, I guess it's good to know).

Question: I reached this point in the map and I can't seem to reach the ledge on the left, nor can I get to the top of silos 01 or 04 (where two chests are mocking me). I'm pretty sure I have nowhere else to go in the map and this would seem to be the way forward. What am I missing?

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Hey, so this was a bit tricky; this is a dead end in the demo (I think?), but head back to the previous vertical room...and go up along the right side!  You'll find a path.

Hey thanks for letting me know your experience with the game! And yeah that other comment is right, going back and up from the crevasse is the actual way forward :)

OK, now I finished it. Looking forward to that cake :D

Just for my own peace of mind: Is there a way to go back from the last section after I closed the two waterfalls? I figured I could try the dive ability on previous areas, but I couldn't find a way to return.

Also, is there a way to get to the chest in this screenshot?

No you can't get back from that section in the demo, but in the full game you get to go back and explore what you missed shortly after, when you're done in Sky City. :)

Also no, you can't reach that chest from the demo, so it's kind of a troll chest.

And hey, thanks for taking the time to finish the whole thing! I hope it wasn't too painful XD