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A member registered Sep 04, 2014

Recent community posts there any way to start as a female character, or penis only?

In past demos, I think I've struggled more with the enemies in part 2 more than the bosses!  I'll give it a shot today to see how things go.

(There was a bug I'd found in previous versions but haven't confirmed it in this one yet, I will keep you posted!)

Off to a good start!

Right now the respawn simply puts you back at the main menu, checkpoints may be good for the next pass.

I don't know if it was intended, but you can press the first button multiple times in a row, which spawns several slimes.

The second tree in the big room cannot be de-leafed!

The spritework is fun, and honestly I really enjoyed the bits you have so far.

I'm glad to see this is still in the works!  Keep it up!

I'd suggest an animation skip; the sex animation is fairly long to be locked in for a while after every hit. 

Maybe call it like, "Observe," or "Stand by?"  ...Really, the fact that HP restarts is a bit of a breaker, cause it's VERY hard to lose nearly all fights.  Except three goblins.

HP resets after every fight, so it's..very difficult to actually lose now!

Also:  the new battle interface, I feel like it's missing a "do nothing" action.  Not even a Defend.

Items also don't restart every playthrough, but I'm sure you've noticed that.  The stats sometimes also don't reset...

But I do like the new UI, I'm just curious why there's infinite HP lol.

Oh WOW that's a huge improvement in the art style...I didn't know where to go in the demo, just run around and kill things.

Looking forward to the updated demo!  Keep it up!

A pleasant surprise!  Though I added some support for you anyways.  :)

Looking nice!  Will there be an updated demo in the future?  (or is it patreon only?)

This is REALLY cool!!  Can't wait to see more of this!

Hey, neat little idea!  Though I couldn't seem to jump up to the top of the platform in the forest area?  Looks like a boss arena, but my jump wasn't able to get high enough to get up the last step.

Looking good!  Speaking of the flower, will that enemy get a grab attack as well?

Have a good vacation!  I look forward to the next update!

Really well made and pretty fun!  Hope to see more.

10/10, it's gay as hell and I love it.

Lovely work!  I hope you keep it up!

Looking forward to it!  You cram SO much into these demos, it's awesome.

Weird, on the game page it says the last update was in 2019...

You absolutely will!  Even without the polish and with the flaws, the demo's a blast to play.  I'm really looking forward to this.  :)  

I'm so glad to finally play this demo!  Been looking forward to it for years!  Had a blast, so feedback time I suppose!

* I got stuck in the house because I could hardly see the outline of the door; may I suggest an up arrow icon whenever Mel stands by a door she can go in/out?

* Clunky ladder/jump physics are...actually super welcome.  I'm glad that Mel feels like a heavy android and moves somewhat slowly.

*I definitely feel like there should be a checkpoint between getting the gun (which requires some puzzle solving) and a puzzle involving spikes and buzzsaws?  It felt like there was a long stretch between checkpoints, and no one likes to re-solve long puzzles!

* I did enjoy the tricky puzzles though!

* Missing a jump from the top of the silos is a clever (if unintentional) way of implementing a death pit without actually having a death pit (because you take fall damage, get shot and immediately blown up by a grup), and I just want to respect that.

* For the boss, it feels like Mel's crouching shot SHOULD go underneath the boss (to help kill the crawlers), but it doesn't, so there can be a crawler hiding behind the boss sprite.  Just an annoyance, really.

Overall, solid demo!  Can't wait to see more!

I actually ran into a problem where sometimes I would press left (or right) and they would simply...not push the cage, and I lose all my momentum.  It's probably related to the timing/momentum calculation (that is, I noticed you can't push left while the cage is moving right), although maybe the timing between the cages?

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Hey, so this was a bit tricky; this is a dead end in the demo (I think?), but head back to the previous vertical room...and go up along the right side!  You'll find a path.