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That was amazing. Please tell me this is aiming to become a full fledged game. 

I loved the art and the PT-like atmosphere is on point, but what truly blew my mind is how amazingly physical it felt to control the character. Her hands interacting with items and door handles just felt so right. It reminded me of Dark Corners of the Earth and how those guys had to cut out a similar feature because they couldn't figure out how to prevent the character's arm from bugging out all the time. You guys nailed it. I love coming up to doors at weird angles and see the character position herself correctly in such a seamless manner to open them -- pachajustright.gif

Also, nice touch with the red curtain room. The owls are not what they seem.


Hello Slug Camargo! Thanks for playing our game! And thanks for your kind words! We work a lot on the hands movement and even try to tell aspects of Iria's personality through them.  And yes! We are making it a full game. Keep tuned, we are releasing it at some point this year, for PS4 and PC.  See you at the lodge!

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So here's a question: I played using a Steam controller. I mapped most of the buttons to keyboard keys and the right touchpad and gyro to a mouse, but I kept the analog stick at its default config; so from the game's perspective I'm using keyboard, mouse and an xinput-compatible gamepad. TAPE works a-OK with that Frankenstein of a setup (so cheers for that!), the only thing you'll notice is that the on-screen prompts switch between keys/mouse buttons and PS4 buttons depending on what your last input was, but it happens on the fly without a hitch anyway, so it's almost unnoticeable.

On the other hand, there are some games (and some big, new AAA titles too) that have way more trouble with this; sometimes pausing for a fraction of a second whenever they detect such discrepancies, and sometimes even refusing to work altogether with a control system that isn't the one you launched the game with.

Do you have any idea what could be the explanation for that? Why is it that TAPE adjusts effortlessly while some other games seem to have so much trouble?