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BlackChiliGoat Studio

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Yeah, this demo is more thriller than horror, but we will work on making it more creepy :D! Loved your vid Syphongames :D

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Thanks dudes for making it :D

We hope we can bring the game soon to let you unravel the mystery! Great gameplay!

Wow we will put it on Gamejolt soon too! We didn't think about at all =_=!

Thanks for all the good vibes and commentaries, much appreciated! And great video too :D 

We hope we can bring news about the game soon! Thanks for playing our game :D!

And this was a great video! Thanks for enjoying it, we will work on improve and take advantage of all the mechanics :D!

Jajajaja, muchas gracias! Nosotros también esperamos con ansias traeros el juego completo y que lo disfrutéis :D!

¡Enorme saludo!

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Heya Rezquot! All the "voices from the other side" you were making were quite creepy, we loved them :D! 

Sorry if you were expecting more jumpscares, we are working on making the final version way creepier.

Thanks for playing our demo! 

Hahaha, so this week we are back in development! So during the next months we hope we will have good news to share, meanwhile... we will be updating the development on our twitter account :D! Cheers and happy new year!

Sad to hear that =(... we will try to make you love them with our game =D

Oh we love this kind of good vibed comments :D! We will work as much as possible to release a game with plenty of interesting mechanics and creepier atmosphere :D! Thanks a lot for the gameplay! Cheers!

Well, not close but you are on the right way hahaha!

We will develop better the story in the full version of the game :P

Hey Chris! Glad you like the mechanics of the camera. We are working on a full release but we don't have a date yet. Stay tuned to our twitter!

Thanks for playing our game and for your feedback on it.  We enjoyed your playthrough. Kudos!

Yeah, we've seen a lot of people complaining  about the voice acting so we are probably going to do what you say! We wanted to reach as much people as possible but it's good to know that a spanish voice acting would be good too. Thanks for the comment!

First we were scared, then kind of relieved! haha! Thanks for the good vibes, we will work on improving all the weak parts to improve the game as much as possible! 


Thank you for all the compliments! We will work on making a good game from it :)!

And this was a very fun gameplay to watch :D! Thanks a lot for the gameplay, cmodplays!

Thank you Mr.Lighty for this gameplay! Wehave already some cool monsters in mind, we can't wait to show the final version of the game!

Hola iCORE!

Nuestro juego no usa muchos jumpscares así que esperamos que nunca nos denuncien por eso, pero de cara a la versión completa lo tendremos en cuenta. ¡Gracias!

¡Buenas Pelayo!

Muchas gracias por jugar a nuestra demo, hemos tenido que agudizar un poco el oído pero siempre se agradece ver gameplays en español :P.

Estamos pasando a la siguiente fase (crear un juego completo) y seguimos cogiendo todo el feedback que podemos para mejorar la experiencia, eso implica muuucho más miedo, así que esperamos poder transmitir la atmósfera creepy lo mejor posible.

¡Suerte con el máster!

Heya Lumps!

We loved the format of your videos! yeah, we like to think of Tape like a horror puzzle game, kind of mix between Portal and Silent Hill... A lot of work ahead though!

Thank you for the feedback!

Heya Raithias! Thanks for this great video! We are working on improving all those things that we couldn't develop on the first demo. We appreciate a lot your feedback, thanks for it! We will try to polish it as much as possible :D

Hey Spoonage! Don't worry for the mic thing, we enjoyed the gameplay anyway! Loved your dramatic voice acting haha! We're glad that you liked it, hope to show you a good final version of the game soon!

Hey CyberWolf! Thanks for the video and the feedback! We take note and we will try to bring a "graphics settings" with the next update!  (so as few people as possible will have fps problems with the monster)... Anyway, great gameplay!Cheers!

¡Muchas gracias Sigilato por el vídeo! Nos alegra mucho de que os haya gustado, esperamos ofrecer un juego mucho más completo en el futuro, ¡estamos en ello!

Hi Prezential! Thanks for playing our game and for uploading the playthrough! We're glad you like it and we're already working on improving the enemy and the mechanics around it. Kudos!

Hey ReapeeRon! Thanks for this nice video and gameplay! We are really glad that you like it and we will try to improve TAPE and make a full game from it! Working hard on better puzzles and atmosphere! Cheers!

Thank you very much for the gameplay and the feedback! We loved the video, wish you the best!

Thank you for the gameplay! It's crazy to see that our game has reached South Korea! 고마워!!

Hey! We are working on making a full game that will use the camera in its full potential and also we want to make it way more spooky. Thanks for the amazing gameplay and feedback, it's very helpful for us! Wish you the best!

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Thanks a lot for the gameplay and the video! We are working on improving the game and make it waaay more spooky . We are glad that the sound came back just on at the right time haha

We don't have a Linux version right now, but we're working on it!

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That's a known bug. Sorry about it!
We are working on it!

PD: Sometimes, if you alt+tab outside of the game and come back, it may solve. 

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Thanks for playing our game and for the playthrough!

We already talk on your channel, but again, thanks for playing our game and all the feedback! Very much appreciated!

Thanks for your feedback! This game was design for PS, it's running for the Game of the Year Award in the Spanish PlayStation Awards, but we are going to fix that in the next build. Thanks again for the lovely video and the detailed review. We'll keep updating the project, so keep an eye on it! Kudos!

It's pack for 64. Sorry about that!

No jumpscares, a few tense moments only. Enjoy!

Thank you for the lovely playthrough! We are glad you like it. Keep an eye on it, we'll keep updating on the project in the future. Kudos!

Thanks! And thanks for uploading the playthrough, we'll use it to improve the game!