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Expected a silly one-note joke - got witty level progression and genuinely interesting / challenging parameter changes! Great twist on the golf and artillery trajectory games!

Thanks! I had Minit in my mind as a reference point, and yet somehow managed to forget about checkpoints until the last hour!

Thanks - I agree that I didn't spend as much time as I'd have liked on the level design!

Thanks! I had a bit of a last minute scramble to get it exported, and the window ended up smaller than I'd been testing with! Definitely one to fix if I come back to it.

Excellent game - great concept, easy to understand, interesting puzzles! Not sure that it fits the theme though?!

I really like the idea of controlling one entity at a time to work through a world, and it's a great fit for the theme. Unfortunately, it's really easy to get stuck in parts of the current layout - I think it needs an easier introduction or reversible actions so you can keep playing!

I'm not coordinated enough to play this game!

Really like the idea of only having only one part of your controls available at a time, but in a platformer I just found it too difficult to be fun.

I like the concept of (I think) your dash trail killing the enemies, and it's an interesting balance that it slows you down while you're building that up so you have to judge enemy distances.

Not quite sure it fits the theme though, and I had some bugs with the ship jumping in random directions that made it really tough to play for more than a few waves.

Interesting take on the theme - I definitely think there's potential there, but I think it needs to make more puzzles out of the elements. Just having to switch to do things feels busy rather than a challenge; perhaps if they were on a cooldown timer or limited uses so you have to plan ahead?

Nice idea - definitely fits the theme! I did find that the shortness of the levels and the size of the permanent light made the mechanic a little bit incidental though - maybe it'd be good to force you to memorise the level with more maze-like layouts. Worth refining though - I could see this being really cool if it's refined.

I also struggled with the wall jumping, but I know from past experience that's tough to get working well in 48 hours!

Thanks! Definitely needed some more work on the controls - it was a bit too much trial and error this time round.