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If you pause using the enter key, it will show how many lives you have left and the number of slimes you've killed. If I make any changes after the voting period ends, having that information available all the time is the first thing I'll fix. Thanks for playing!

Pretty much cephalopod Katamari Damacy. It was satisfying to consume the world, though I wish the turn speed was a little faster.

I enjoyed this one. I'm a big fan of the old school style you've got going and you pull it off really well. What you got done in 72 is pretty impressive. I do think it needs a little more time in the oven, but I think you did a good job all things considered.

Fun little bullet hell shooter. I really liked the presentation. I didn't get the dash mechanic at first, but I figured it out and it's pretty cool since it disincentivizes spamming. Really great job for under 72 hours.

Interesting little clicker game. Unfortunately it's best played with the sound off. 

This was really great. It had a fun concept, great art, and +A music. Wonderful job!

Fun little concept. I think the idea of a platformer where you play as a bird that tilts the world when flying was kinda fun. There wasn't much to it, but the art and the concept is cute.

yeah I thought about both methods, but in the end I ran out of time to test and see which is more fun. I kind of like the danger of not being able to brute force it, but I can see the other side too. Thanks for the feedback!


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This game ended up being my favorite of the jam. Really great stuff.

Thank you! I was pleasantly surprised with how well received the game ended up being. 

Cute concept. I good job!

I'll check yours out. Here is mine.

This was an interesting idea. I like the idea of having limited ammo given to you before a fight. It adds a different dimension to the fights.

This was an interesting idea. I like the idea of having limited ammo given to you before a fight. It adds a different dimension to the fights.

Played and rated!

Not bad. I think I would have liked some sort health indicator. I liked that you can sneak up on the enemies. 

I like the concept, but the execution could have more polish. A way to easily restart would have helped a lot.

Here is my game. I'll check yours out!

This is pretty fun. Very arcadey, which is appropriate for a jam. Good job!

Here is my game. This is my first game jam.

Here is my game. This is my first game jam.

The atmosphere and sound design was hilarious. Big thumbs up. The game itself was pretty simple (I played the 48 hour version) but it wasn't bad. Great job!

Here is my game. I'll give yours a shot!

I find the simple hand-drawn art charming. The visual novel style game mixed with platforming is a nice change of pace. Unfortunately the first platforming section kind of turned me off, with precise jumps and a destination that is off screen. I liked the music though!

Thanks a bunch for the kind words! I think a version of the game with free movement and a time limit would work also. I'm working on the version with limited moves, but I think both could work well.

I totally agree. I'm actually working on a version of the game that is just that. If I had more time for the jam I would have made it so you can just hold the move button to move at a fixed speed. Thanks for the input!

This was fun! Some pretty good puzzles, good use of physics. Great job!

I found out that some people might have been turned off my by game since I included an installer rather than a zip. I've fixed that now (admittedly rather late) so if anyone would like to try out my game before the submission deadline I would really appreciate it. I'll play and rate the games of everyone who leaves a comment of course.

This is really great! By far the most polished submission I've tried. The arcadey gameplay loop is addicting and fun to master, and the animations and effects look very nice. Great stuff!

Fun little tower defense game. My only real complaint is there should be something that tells the controls in game. 

Yeah in the future I won't do that. Thanks for the high praise!

Here is my submission :)

Here is my submission :)

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I'm glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate the feedback. 

The levels do not have checkpoints intentionally, because in the final game there will be a running timer (I took it out for the demo) so that you can get better at the levels and bring your time down. I do agree that some of the harder levels can be frustrating, but none of the levels take more than a minute to beat so I hope the players will learn how to quickly get through them over repeated tries.