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thank you so much!

(spoilers) this is so intense! I felt like I had pretty much one by figuring out what the three cubes are before lining any of them up, but then I needed to figure out a fourth one and I can't get past that part... I love the effects though and the build-up of tension. this is such an awesome, abstract approach to the theme!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you had such an emotional connection to the game- I'm honestly blown away by how many people have told me a similar experience! Thanks for hosting the Wumpus Jam, this wouldn't have happened otherwise :)

I'm glad I played this! I'm very finicky about horror media, but this was so sweet (in a grim way- and I mean that positively). I love these characters :)

Thanks, and I hope your increased brain size can still fit in your head!!

All the music in IQ is from either unreleased scraps or finished albums, and most of it can be found in my Gator Bride Sound Team releases:
There's full track credits in the bottom of the README file, if you want to know what exactly is what.

Ahh I'm glad to hear my thoughts of King's Field were mostly on the dot!!

I didn't realize increasing muscle power increases vision range, that's really clever! I'll be sure to scour the game a bit more with that in mind :)

A constantly tense and mysterious adventure... Now I finally know what I'm missing out on for not having a gym membership!

The opening shot of Muscle World made me think of King's Field 1 (the original, Japan-exclusive one) a lot, and I guess that was an accurate feeling because of the very slow (not in a bad way!) pace, and obscure environmental storytelling.

I am very intrigued by the description mentioning secret locations and endings but I can't seem to find more than the red orb, and one ending... Guess I gotta do more push-ups!

This is quite possibly the sweetest depiction of a ghost I've ever seen!

This was really relatable in some scenes. Thank you for making this, it was nice :)

Thank you for making this sweet game!

This was great! I've been fascinated with exploring empty malls and such for a long time. I love the suggestions of history here :)

Ahh the name is so good, I love it! This was such a fun puzzle to wrap my head around. Early on it seemed beyond me to predict, but I kept going at it, and I eventually managed to complete each puzzle, and feel very accomplished with how far I got in endless mode. Good game!!

This game is very funny! I know you say you haven't played any of the games, and I believe that, but I love how aware of characterizations you are regardless. Every response feels 'right'!