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thank you for the comment!

thank you!! I hope that one day the only "IQ score" people talk about at parties is how well they did in Intelligent Qhess!

I'm glad to hear it has had such a strong effect! I remember that the central idea about the control scheme was an idea I had been chewing on for a long time, and I'm still pleased with how it turned out.

really cute art :) being able to make mistakes instead of requiring a restart is a really nice addition to this kind of puzzle, because it makes it much friendlier to experiment!

this is a PERFECT dog game

absolutely adorable :) lots of little nice details throughout. I appreciate the messages directly from the dev, it feels very earnest, and it's nice to see that!

This is a beautiful game. I've never been in this kind of situation, of having to choose between two relationships I care about so much yet can't co-exist, but I can imagine it happening. I don't know what the 'right' answer is for how to handle it, and maybe there isn't one! I like that the protagonists choices reflect my own thought process there. None of the ways forward seem like the right answer, and that complexity feels realistic. That said... ending 3 feels like the best outcome to us. It was the first one I got, and it just feels so honest to the protagonists feelings. If there's no 'right' answer, then perhaps the 'best' answer would be what feels the most true?

Okay and also being a monsterlover rules, which definitely influences my opinion, hehe.

I also want to say, we relate to the framing of this story as a plural system. The way the demon is, the protagonists relationship with them, and the fear of rejection from others for something so "impossible" and "wrong" resonates strongly with us. We're very open about being a system, because we can't handle existing otherwise, but we still have a lot of fears about how people can react. The protagonists desire to show Ella the demon feels like our own need to be open about being a system. The combination of relief and anxiety she feels about planning it is so much like how we feel about telling new people about our existence. (Spoiler for the game: thankfully, in real life, nobody has run away in terror from us or demanded we stop being who we are).

I know from a previous comment you've made that this game isn't an intentional depiction of plurality, but we wanted to share how good it feels to us to interpret it with such a perspective :)

thanks for playing! and I am sure the Loveland Frog is doing well- I was just reading up about them again and I learned that they were recently made the official city mascot!!

this is an absolutely adorable game, it was charming getting to know each of the characters during their routes! their different personalities really shine in every scene.

this is a fascinating puzzle, I love tinkering over strategies in games like this. the greenality mechanic is especially exciting because, every time I realize the implications of applying it to a different kind of tile, the possibility space explodes! I've gotten three of the normal endings, and I'll probably be mulling over strategies for the secret endings or other personal goals for a while. thank you for making this!

this is something I really needed to play, right now. I love the affirmation in identifying with the monstrous. talking to Lucy and Maggie was my favourite part. Lucy especially speaks to what I think I've been grappling with, I love what she says about changing her outside to match her inside. That's exactly what I need, too. Thank you for making this beautiful game.

is it possible to reach challenges in "softcapped at 1"? I can't tell if prestiging again and again will accomplish anything. and is it possible to reach 1e10 prestige energy? it seems like it's meant to be impossible...

anyways, this was fun! I found pushing the reset time to be an exciting challenge, although it also got anxiously difficult trying to push it under the 8 second mark. I'm also not sure why that milestone lights up green early- that really confused me. I really appreciate your comment explaining how to proceed through and past that point, there were some fine details I had missed :)

oh wow, I've heard about the cartoons but I didn't realize they had original characters just for it. well, I guess they would have had to come up with new characters considering how limited the source material is for drawing an entire cartoon out of it!

and yes things are going well over at GT, thank you for your positive thoughts :)

I love this, the voice acting is fun and the story is amusingly grim. the sound design also feels perfectly discomforting for what a bizarre situation we find ourselves in. it's a bit more crass than I expected, but there's nothing wrong with that, the humour is still well played imo.
I found the Zezmeron ending the easiest to get, even when trying for a different fail state- maybe there's an interaction or two I missed that would have made it easier to manage that meter, I dunno! but regardless, it was funny enough for me to keep retrying even with how unpredictable and frustrating progress can be. also, I'm curious where the name "Zezmeron" comes from?

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much, thank you for commenting!

I really like the spatial mechanics here, getting around - and avoiding getting stuck - is a fun puzzle. I mostly avoided combat until the last part of the game, but I like the trade-offs the dice give in how you can choose to use them. spawning enemies with coloured dice seems like a good way to get more of that die type, though you better be ready for dealing with all of those enemies... also, good music and great art!

lovely art and palette choices. it's delightful to watch this queer story unfold

I've learned a lot about elfenkind in this wonderful and entertaining journey !

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absolutely beautiful. I relate so much to the protagonist and this was a wonderful journey to go along <3 the ending chapter made me so happy I almost cried. and the art is simply adorable :)

a very sweet and cozy game :)

this was wonderful. I mostly focused on Emily, since I had a feeling she would be like me and well, I was right! it makes me happy to be able to relate so much to her, even though so much of what happens is so hard.

I was honestly uncomfortable with how Qiyui thought about Emily at first, most notably with how she notices something about her voice. it made me anxious about what Emily's portrayal might be like. but that tension went away as the story progressed. and it helped to realize that Emily was being viewed from the perspective of a teenager who didn't understand yet, but had a non-judgemental attitude. I remember being a confused teenager who didn't understand ourselves or others like us, but being accepting with an open mind, like Qiyui. despite my initial anxiety, it feels good to reflect on our past like this.

I'm looking forward to playing the sequel next :)

I appreciate how this game handles Amira being too hard on herself, and especially how Kenta is able to help. I've been in states like Amira ends up in, getting caught in a loop of self-negativity that spirals worse and worse. In some ways it's hard seeing such experiences reflected back at me, but more than that it feels good to be understood. Even more than that, it makes me happy seeing Kenta support Amira, which reminds me of the people in my life who support me. Thank you for handling something so personal and difficult so well.

this was great! there's a lot of good moments of working problems out with partners, and direct commentary on social problems. Val's route was my favourite, I really enjoyed learning more about these characters and the difficult world they're in

absolutely wonderful seeing a take on the visual and mechanical style of Antichamber, but in a setting I can relate to :) the visual metaphors are strong, and lovely to reflect on!

really fun puzzle game :) sometimes it's hard to see where the levers are, which is unfortunate, but a bit of experimentation with moving around helps reveal where everything is. when I got to the second cutscene I thought it was going to be the end of the game, and oh gosh the last level is a doozy to figure out!

this was wonderfully expressive. I love the addition and removal of layers to the music. I didn't run into more than one glitchy memory, and I wish I had seen more of it because I am fascinated by how playfully vague the platforming and means of moving forwards is, which, of course, ties in very strongly with the narrative themes! the ending especially caught me by surprise.

I have had a hard time moving forwards, in my life, and this has given me space to reflect on that. perhaps the steps needed to go on don't always look like they can be walked on.

as a plural system with trans femme members who are dogs, this made us so so happy to read :) thank you both so much for making this!

simply lovely :) Gemma and Ofelia's interactions are so sweet. the narration is charming to read.  your writing is very earnest about commenting on problems in our daily lives while affirming that we can make happiness for ourselves despite it

I'm glad to hear that's been fixed, thank you!

I assumed this would be easy but I actually had a surprisingly hard time! I got 7/15 at the end. sometimes when I got it right, I felt like it was obvious why. other times, a choice I discarded as obviously not by a person was the right one. I dislike a lot of "AI" art and I don't think my performance challenges that, but this does make me think about assumptions (especially the ones I make) that go into examining a piece of art.

this was really nice and gay, I love the world building and the non-binary cast :)

I had a blast playing this! I love the tight constraints of managing health, xp, and consumables. exploring the world to find the points I can push forwards through is so rewarding. I just finished playing through the challenge mode, making great use of the zero-death reward from a normal playthrough :)

playing this reminded me a bit of Desktop Dungeons in terms of how open information is, and the tactic of clearing a screen of enemies by taking as much damage as you can handle, leveling up from the near-death enemies, and then taking care of the rest. it feels good to pull that off!

I have mixed feelings about the spellbook. I love the tactical variety in it and how powerful it can be, because it can open up so many solutions to getting through tough situations, but at the same time it can trivialize the difficulty... however, I think I'd prefer it being overpowered, than underpowered and thus likely frustrating to manage.

one more thing on my mind... when I was first playing the game, I really thought that all the yellow stones throughout the world would turn out to be important, their placements seemed so particular and obscure. I know they (minor spoiler) visually change when the world changes, but that's all... it was fun to speculate on what they could mean, though!

I really liked your use of the game's story to talk about where you're at with developing this engine, what you want to do next, and what you're having a hard time with. it's always refreshing seeing other developers air their thoughts like this, like a public diary. and that it's happening inside of a game engine in-development makes it fascinating, because we get to play with what you talk about as you talk about it.

writing good stories and narrative games can be hard, but very rewarding to keep trying. good luck with your projects in the future, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what you do next!

I like this, thank you for making it. it's short and to the point.

this was wonderful :) thank you for writing and sharing this story!

I found myself fascinated within the first few minutes, and that fascination has kept with me for a couple days now. I've replayed it quite a few times to see what new insights, letters, or surprises a different choice can bring. normally, I would never try to exhaust the permutations each choice can bring, because I don't like to do things that feel wrong or cruel, as a player or as the character. in this game, I feel like refusing to try something different would be the wrong choice. it feels reasonable in this terrifying and deadly situation to be willing to do anything. and it's not like things could get worse...

what especially drives my willingness to experiment is a constantly shifting sense of how I feel about Ilar. one session, I might distrust them utterly, and try to act against them- but in doing so I wound their feelings, and they respond by showing what feels like genuine care. next time, I might try to go along with them eagerly because I want to help them, but a suddenly grim reaction of theirs makes me feel like I made a mistake in trusting them too much. I genuinely don't know what I make of them, and I love navigating that tension.

the art is beautiful, especially the character portraits, and the details of the handwriting. and the soundtrack has such variety! the music is always enveloping, and it was one of the first things that really drew me in. it does a lot to drive the feeling of every scene.

one thing I'd like to see done differently though, is for dialogue lines to be more clear about who said what. the history function identifies every line, which is good, but when I'm reading dialogue for the first time, I found myself getting easily confused when Ilar or the protagonist spoke multiple times in a row.

every aspect of this world you've created makes me want to learn as much as I can about it. I haven't looked at the Fan Pack yet, but I expect to enjoy it for that reason! and I so look forward to exploring Act 2 when it's out, and what else comes in the future!

this is so cute :) I love all of their different personalities!

thank you for making this. we had a similar experience early on to our self-realization of "oh, I "know" that trans women exist but that's obviously not what I am...". it does a lot of good to be able to reflect on what made us feel that way.

wonderfully sweet and gay :)