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simply lovely :) Gemma and Ofelia's interactions are so sweet. the narration is charming to read.  your writing is very earnest about commenting on problems in our daily lives while affirming that we can make happiness for ourselves despite it

I'm glad to hear that's been fixed, thank you!

I assumed this would be easy but I actually had a surprisingly hard time! I got 7/15 at the end. sometimes when I got it right, I felt like it was obvious why. other times, a choice I discarded as obviously not by a person was the right one. I dislike a lot of "AI" art and I don't think my performance challenges that, but this does make me think about assumptions (especially the ones I make) that go into examining a piece of art.

this was really nice and gay, I love the world building and the non-binary cast :)

I had a blast playing this! I love the tight constraints of managing health, xp, and consumables. exploring the world to find the points I can push forwards through is so rewarding. I just finished playing through the challenge mode, making great use of the zero-death reward from a normal playthrough :)

playing this reminded me a bit of Desktop Dungeons in terms of how open information is, and the tactic of clearing a screen of enemies by taking as much damage as you can handle, leveling up from the near-death enemies, and then taking care of the rest. it feels good to pull that off!

I have mixed feelings about the spellbook. I love the tactical variety in it and how powerful it can be, because it can open up so many solutions to getting through tough situations, but at the same time it can trivialize the difficulty... however, I think I'd prefer it being overpowered, than underpowered and thus likely frustrating to manage.

one more thing on my mind... when I was first playing the game, I really thought that all the yellow stones throughout the world would turn out to be important, their placements seemed so particular and obscure. I know they (minor spoiler) visually change when the world changes, but that's all... it was fun to speculate on what they could mean, though!

I really liked your use of the game's story to talk about where you're at with developing this engine, what you want to do next, and what you're having a hard time with. it's always refreshing seeing other developers air their thoughts like this, like a public diary. and that it's happening inside of a game engine in-development makes it fascinating, because we get to play with what you talk about as you talk about it.

writing good stories and narrative games can be hard, but very rewarding to keep trying. good luck with your projects in the future, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what you do next!

I like this, thank you for making it. it's short and to the point.

this was wonderful :) thank you for writing and sharing this story!

I found myself fascinated within the first few minutes, and that fascination has kept with me for a couple days now. I've replayed it quite a few times to see what new insights, letters, or surprises a different choice can bring. normally, I would never try to exhaust the permutations each choice can bring, because I don't like to do things that feel wrong or cruel, as a player or as the character. in this game, I feel like refusing to try something different would be the wrong choice. it feels reasonable in this terrifying and deadly situation to be willing to do anything. and it's not like things could get worse...

what especially drives my willingness to experiment is a constantly shifting sense of how I feel about Ilar. one session, I might distrust them utterly, and try to act against them- but in doing so I wound their feelings, and they respond by showing what feels like genuine care. next time, I might try to go along with them eagerly because I want to help them, but a suddenly grim reaction of theirs makes me feel like I made a mistake in trusting them too much. I genuinely don't know what I make of them, and I love navigating that tension.

the art is beautiful, especially the character portraits, and the details of the handwriting. and the soundtrack has such variety! the music is always enveloping, and it was one of the first things that really drew me in. it does a lot to drive the feeling of every scene.

one thing I'd like to see done differently though, is for dialogue lines to be more clear about who said what. the history function identifies every line, which is good, but when I'm reading dialogue for the first time, I found myself getting easily confused when Ilar or the protagonist spoke multiple times in a row.

every aspect of this world you've created makes me want to learn as much as I can about it. I haven't looked at the Fan Pack yet, but I expect to enjoy it for that reason! and I so look forward to exploring Act 2 when it's out, and what else comes in the future!

this is so cute :) I love all of their different personalities!

thank you for making this. we had a similar experience early on to our self-realization of "oh, I "know" that trans women exist but that's obviously not what I am...". it does a lot of good to be able to reflect on what made us feel that way.

wonderfully sweet and gay :)

you're welcome for the comment :) I'm glad it made you happy. and thank you for the link, I'll be sure to check them out!

thank you for making this

this was beautiful :) it was hard to read at times, because of how painfully relatable a lot of it is. but it also helps me consider my own experiences. particularly early on, when Good struggles to identify the oppressive society they live in as the cause of their severe stress, and resultant physical pain. I have been working on realizing just how big of an effect stress has had on my body, and I'm grateful to see those connections drawn so clearly.

there are also so many happy feelings here! seeing Good start to discover themselves with Loud is wonderful. Loud is so caring, and tries so much to be understanding. it makes me so happy to see them together, and makes me feel glad for my own loved ones. I was close to tears of gay joy at some points.

I've been listening to the ending music on loop while I write this. I'm hesitant to just turn it off because it feels so strongly associated with the comfort and love shown in the ending I got. I want to keep these warm feelings with me.

I think my favourite part was when autopilot took me to -10,000 meters and I couldn't figure out how to get out of the void

(some spoilers below)

I had a blast playing this! I love the freeform nature of the puzzles, both in how generous (as opposed to having very exact requirements) the solutions are, and that I never needed to push through ones I found unenjoyably difficult. and even then, when I felt like I didn't know where to start with any given puzzle, I loved thinking about ways to break out of the wall boundaries to find secrets.

and oh my gosh, the secrets! the secret rooms are so fun to figure out, even when there's no "point" to the empty rooms. the little visual and title gags each one has is its own reward! the extra puzzles in some of the level hubs, leading to the secret warps, were especially fun. after I realized I could go back to the second main hub to use the new skull power, it was interesting to imagine what the later "previews" for the televisions and amoebas suggested about their upcoming powers.

the visual design throughout is wonderful, both of your art styles combine in great ways! everybody in this game is so full of character, in their designs and speaking personalities. there's a lot of charm in seeing how open and comfortable a lot of these folk are, especially in how they navigate sex, as well their readiness to admit faults and face it. the magical boyfriends and Yippie are my favourites. and the way the point of the game is to help cure The Grmmble feels good! evoking what Yippie says in the ending, this wasn't a quest to save the world, but to take care of people in this queer community, and that's lovely. all that said, one character that stands out to me in a negative way was the shitty uncle. his dialogue was unpleasant in a way that, for me, broke the tone of the rest of the game. but his prescence is ultimately minimal, so he didn't hamper my experience further than that one meeting with him.

I think my favourite single area was Pumpkinland, because the design has such a funny sense of approach, like it's subverting the sensibilities of the rest of the game. Moonfog was kind of my least favourite area, since I had such a hard time with all of the puzzles there- so far I've only been able to complete two of them. however, I know I tend to struggle with puzzles where I need to visualize future states, I typically can only work with what I can currently see. so it's hard for me to say if there's a significant difficulty spike there, or if it's just that the skulls mechanic is the toughest for me personally to work with.

also, the soundtrack freaking rocks all the way through!!

thank you both so much for making such a wonderful game! it makes me happy to see what y'all are working on these days. I look forward to whatever comes next!

bit of a bug report: I'm playing on linux, and The Violet Cathedral area isn't working properly. every item appears as the bag of cashews, and I can't collect any of them so far- I've reached the end of The Grand East Maze N, and Trigger Happy.

I have been playing the game on my Linux (Debian) system and I haven't noticed any issues!

I have been having such a wonderful time playing through this game! your senses of humour really shine through in a lot of the details. there's so many wonderful moments to experience, and the plot threads throughout tie it all together so well, especially with the memories in the mushroom zones. I think my favourite parts are the museum thief (such a clever "here you go, have fun breaking the game with this!" mechanic), and the cat songs available on the music player.

something I want to focus on is how glad I am to see the "playful" settings in the options menu, some of which I consider to be accessibility features. I found the bouncy platforming to be too frustrating to control early on, but setting the jump power to high made it a lot more manageable for me. at first I felt worried that I was playing the game "wrong", and I kept thinking about whether or not I was 'supposed' to get to certain areas so easily. but I realized that I wasn't being fair to myself. I found the game more fun and relaxed by changing the settings- and what could be so "wrong" about playing the game the way I enjoyed best?

following that, I have two suggestions for additional settings: independent volume controls for music and sound effects, and a text speed scale (including instant speed). I don't know how much work that would be to add to Clockwork Calamity retroactively, but I'd appreciate such options being considered in future games!

this was a delight to play! the new rules each area adds were fun to puzzle over. I'd love to see what you do with the setting in the future!

this was delightful! the last moments made me want to cry, it's so heartfelt and sweet. the conversations and video calls with polly chan's mom remind me a lot of learning to cook from my own mom- stressful at times, but rewarding to accomplish.

thank you very much for the detailed response! I'll focus more on scavenging in the closet, and building up defenses at home for that super scavenge bonus. and I'll try playing on easy, because it sounds like it would simply be more enjoyable for me that way.

I've gotten a game over twice now because I can't figure out how to add rations to my food storage. I've tried working at agricen for their ration bonus, and that puts ration items in my backpack/inventory. but I can't figure out how to interact with them from there, or what to use in the apartment to put them away. I don't know if rations bought directly would go in my inventory or the food storage, but I don't want to try grinding out jobs just to see if I end up losing anyways.

I just wanted to say I had a great time playing this :) the strong focus on unit positioning is great to puzzle over. and finding strategic combinations of units is a lot of fun, especially less obvious ones! like making chains of refineries to get a new unit in the middle of a tight situation. or mass defusing nodes with artillery nearby to blast the resultant bugs- no need to clog up the space with radars, or take too much risk with making a mistake in the minesweeper puzzle that way :)

one thing that feels a bit unfair though is that enemies get to spawn and attack in the same turn. this wasn't much of an issue in the campaign at least, it mostly came up in Infinite mode, especially on Deadly. maybe there's an approach I haven't thought of yet, but it seems like units getting swarmed and destroyed in one turn by newly spawned enemies is more or less unavoidable.

I'm playing the infinite mode, and on floor 4, it won't let me build the extractor. it gives me the message "Build Extractor on Target!" every time I try. I've scrolled over the whole map and I don't see any target spots. moving my refinery around to try building elsewhere didn't help.

a sweet little game :) the art is adorable!

I had to fiddle around with the prism for a bit to understand how it worked, but it felt good to think over once I had a grip on it. the controls feel a bit restrictive, I think it would help a lot if you could pull blocks without having to face them, and have movement repeat when a directional key is held down.

this was a blast! I love positioning based tactics games, and this one offers such a fun variety :)

I love this! it's so evocative and exciting, every discovery feels like the tip of an iceberg, which is a feeling I simply adore in games. you deal with a lot of ideas that I've been hopeful to express in my own work, which makes me glad to see, and inspires me.

thank you so much! I had a wonderful time piecing together the art for every area, I'm glad you appreciate that!

this is fun! the interplay of different factions is enjoyable to figure out efficient balances for.

unfortunately, I've accidentally softlocked my progress: I did a gems and souls sacrifice at the same time, spent all my souls on Imp A, and then realized I couldn't buy a Ghost A without souls... I think if sacrifices gave you one free unit of tier A, that would solve the issue!

thank you for your reconsideration

this is sweet :)

thanks for the video! it's interesting to see what different experiences with it everybody has!

I almost can't believe how LONG this game is, from your playthrough of it in the video collection. it's honestly quite impressive. your own skill at it also really underrated how hard it is to make even a single jump as ADMA... yeah I gave up within the first screen.

a very good feature for this is that, playing it in WINE, it lagged every time I pressed L... making it even harder to play, so congrats!

I love the glitchy wall-climbing mechanics, very reminiscent of Clickteam platformer physics. I think the best part of this is how the "game over" screen doesn't actually force you to restart, it lets you keep playing the game but sped up. I'd love to see more re-interpretations of failstates in games that simply change how it plays!

re: bonus, I'm really glad I used so many voice samples in this game, it seems to be a hit!

and yes it is possible, I specifically playtested that level in isolation over and over until I was sure it could be done, just to make sure that anybody who got fixated on winning would be able to. however, testing the level in isolation is nothing like testing it in actual practice, where by the time you can try it, the game is such a chaotic mess that it becomes extremely impractical to even know where to begin. also the benefit of getting to the end of the level is about as rewarding as any of the other minigames so... don't sweat it!