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I love this! it's so evocative and exciting, every discovery feels like the tip of an iceberg, which is a feeling I simply adore in games. you deal with a lot of ideas that I've been hopeful to express in my own work, which makes me glad to see, and inspires me.

thank you so much! I had a wonderful time piecing together the art for every area, I'm glad you appreciate that!

this is fun! the interplay of different factions is enjoyable to figure out efficient balances for.

unfortunately, I've accidentally softlocked my progress: I did a gems and souls sacrifice at the same time, spent all my souls on Imp A, and then realized I couldn't buy a Ghost A without souls... I think if sacrifices gave you one free unit of tier A, that would solve the issue!

thank you for your reconsideration

this is sweet :)

thanks for the video! it's interesting to see what different experiences with it everybody has!

I almost can't believe how LONG this game is, from your playthrough of it in the video collection. it's honestly quite impressive. your own skill at it also really underrated how hard it is to make even a single jump as ADMA... yeah I gave up within the first screen.

a very good feature for this is that, playing it in WINE, it lagged every time I pressed L... making it even harder to play, so congrats!

I love the glitchy wall-climbing mechanics, very reminiscent of Clickteam platformer physics. I think the best part of this is how the "game over" screen doesn't actually force you to restart, it lets you keep playing the game but sped up. I'd love to see more re-interpretations of failstates in games that simply change how it plays!

re: bonus, I'm really glad I used so many voice samples in this game, it seems to be a hit!

and yes it is possible, I specifically playtested that level in isolation over and over until I was sure it could be done, just to make sure that anybody who got fixated on winning would be able to. however, testing the level in isolation is nothing like testing it in actual practice, where by the time you can try it, the game is such a chaotic mess that it becomes extremely impractical to even know where to begin. also the benefit of getting to the end of the level is about as rewarding as any of the other minigames so... don't sweat it!

it's about the loveland frog crossing the road late at night. is it really that out there? because I don't think it's so impossible to parse as your frankly unwelcome intonation suggests

are you okay? the game is meant to be spooky but not terrifying

the "friendly" face of nintendo the corporation, as if we are to look past their cruel reality, as any other business operates

That sounds like winning to me :D The bonus button ended up being so easy to press by happenstance but I'm happy with the way it is.

I've updated it to now have audio as originally planned, but I had to hold back on it for the jam submission deadline. the original audioless version is still available, labelled "(jam version)". feel free to judge either edition!

Thank you so much for playing, enjoying, and commenting! :D It means a lot to me when my games messages convey so much <3

ditto to what ifo said! I just had to come back here after finishing it to comment on it! the rhymes are so charming, the glimpses into her life and her troubles are so compelling. the ending made me sad because of what was lost, but I really like the ambiguity given towards the future, and the implicit statement of moving on in life.
thank you so much for making it free during these times.

I hope it wasn't TOO scary!!

this was wonderful to read! it's exciting to learn more about how far back furries go. I especially loved, and related to, the pages about self-discovery through involvement in furry <3 thank you for writing this!

omg! Your welcome for the game, thank you for the great image!

they appreciate it!!

The power of two gay girls trapped in a never-ending nightmarish but benevolent tower is very high.

Ohh, omg I only went in one direction every time, I couldn't find any other paths so I figured it was just the one. Sounds like I missed out on a lot!

This was nice! Lovely environments to explore. Is the first one after going to sleep always the desert, though? I got tired of that one.

Speaking as somebody who never played a Mario game growing up, and very much dislikes what he represents... This was great!

I love these little face buddies, they're cute! I think this makes for an interesting experiment in reading expressions, namely, learning to not read too much into first looks!

me too!

omg this is such a cute game! it's nice seeing "monsters" being so sweet :)

thank you so much!

(spoilers) this is so intense! I felt like I had pretty much one by figuring out what the three cubes are before lining any of them up, but then I needed to figure out a fourth one and I can't get past that part... I love the effects though and the build-up of tension. this is such an awesome, abstract approach to the theme!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you had such an emotional connection to the game- I'm honestly blown away by how many people have told me a similar experience! Thanks for hosting the Wumpus Jam, this wouldn't have happened otherwise :)

I'm glad I played this! I'm very finicky about horror media, but this was so sweet (in a grim way- and I mean that positively). I love these characters :)

Thanks, and I hope your increased brain size can still fit in your head!!

All the music in IQ is from either unreleased scraps or finished albums, and most of it can be found in my Gator Bride Sound Team releases:
There's full track credits in the bottom of the README file, if you want to know what exactly is what.

Ahh I'm glad to hear my thoughts of King's Field were mostly on the dot!!

I didn't realize increasing muscle power increases vision range, that's really clever! I'll be sure to scour the game a bit more with that in mind :)

A constantly tense and mysterious adventure... Now I finally know what I'm missing out on for not having a gym membership!

The opening shot of Muscle World made me think of King's Field 1 (the original, Japan-exclusive one) a lot, and I guess that was an accurate feeling because of the very slow (not in a bad way!) pace, and obscure environmental storytelling.

I am very intrigued by the description mentioning secret locations and endings but I can't seem to find more than the red orb, and one ending... Guess I gotta do more push-ups!

This was really relatable in some scenes. Thank you for making this, it was nice :)

Thank you for making this sweet game!

I am glad that I have done the business of the Raha.