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Well done it seems like your going for a very cartoony 8-bit stlye?

BlockBreaker by skipperfishy (

This is insane thankyou so much!

This was rlly nice to play on mobile. Some things that you could have done would have been to keep uniquely to your pixel artstyle.

Send me a friend request on discord 


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I use the unity engine so I know C#. I have have been coding now for 3 months meaning what I want to get out of this primarily is a learning experience. Not in it to win it. I live in the uk and am fine with working with anyone regardless of time zone. Oh and my Discord is skipperfishy#4424

most people get this from there computers so they do not have an xbox controller so pls can you give support for keyboard/mouse.

I loved this thing!

quite cool!

I'm sorry but I have a team now

Sorry I have a team now


Come to the discord if you are a audio/musician.

can any of you do music

This is amazing

guy shh don't tell anyone but here is the link to the new discord

Oather we already got 3 people wanna join we also got two artists and a programmer

pls pls pls 

dude you are literally perfect for what we want to do for our game join the discord

dude we  have 3 artists and 2 programmers

So come on also most of us are from 11 to 18

dude join our discord already got 3 people

join our discord already got 3 people

the link is

Do you wanna join our discord server? already got like 3 people 

 I've already got another person though I need a pretty good artist who can use blender and photoshop also can make animations. Also open to a music maker who can compose sombre lonely pieces.

Yeah of course

Literally anyone is of any skill is wanted

I am pretty good at coding though i would like someone for music so I'm open to all offers regardless of your skill the mores the merrier.

Also go to the topic anyone wanna join me as the discord for the server is there.

Someone who can do music is still wanted

Are you from Europe or US


yeah sure here is the discord


im good at coding

my discord is skipperfishy#4424

mine is skipperfishy#4424

Can i make a discord for us all

Guys can i join the team im pretty good at coding

i use unity and i'm 12