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Because others already said good luck, i hope yall will also have a lot of fun.

You can fall out of map if you jump aver the finish line to the hole in wall at the top of tower


Ah yes, people defying time while making levels to their games, I see.

Awesome game! How did you make something as huge as this in only 2 days? Also game is quite hard.

Nice game, but I found myself using shield more, than sword itself, cause bounced bullets from shield can also kill enemies. Also after I chose tutorial option, play button refused to work for some reason.

Why is there even a choice? You can also kill dragons and feed villagers, but you can also feed dragons and kill villagers. It's a great game tho.

To whoever used strategy of randomly spamming stuff into timeline, please reply to this.

Once I participated in Low Effort Game Jam (where you have to make very low effort games), and I think, I'm safe to say, that if this game would be there, it would've won

It's pretty hard to aim. I also can't understand, what are the A, D buttons suposed to do. But the idea is great, I loved it.

I was gonna write the same thing.

Was it meant to be a rage game? Also more I player it, more I realized, how Badly is bunny controlled, when it's stopped time, which made me try not to use it. But sfx and visuals are great tho.

Thanks for suggestion, I'll do somethink about the high score. Also I'm bad at making music, so that's why there it's none.

Me: What should I add to my game about time control?

Friend: Add a clock

Me: How didn't I think of this?

I know, this is third game with this concept of losing health on attack I made. I'll later probably add some better reward, or something for encouraging players to kill enemies. For now, there is only the fact, that enemies have quite low health and the massive amount of healing stations.

Cool game, but I had no idea, what is happening. Please, give game better tutorial.

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Thanks for the feedback. I know about the lava and have fixed version ready when the jam ends. I'll also work on a movement. Music is probably not gonna be added, cause I'm bad at making it (go play my other games and you'll see, what I mean).

Great music. How did you make something this amazing in only 3 hours

Here's mine!

can i update my game, if i still have time, but i already submitted it?

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great game, but its quite easy to break (just click anywhere) and also movement feels bad, please, make it, so you can just hold up/down keys without needing it to accelerate for so long

I am making a game, where you are exploring an ancient temple, where the main boss has telekinesis, so he controls the corpses of all previous explorers like you - thus making him technically the only real enemy in the game.

What do you think about this game idea?

can i tell everyone else my game idea, so i can better tell it's good?

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I think, I may have found a loophole...

everyone already joined, let's team up!

I know, and i just remembered answer (go repair it now! XD). Go  to Project Settings -> Player and under Settings for WebGL, the Publishing Settings, and set Compression Format to Disabled.

Literally everything BUT player looks amazing. 

Game also needs balancing. Soldiers are basically a joke, and parkour is too hard, lot times i just fell over and needed to repeat lot of hard jumps again.

Great game, but horizontal movement feels a bit too slidy to me, and i had no idea, where i was going.

I would suggest adding minimap and make you stop moving instantly, after you stpo pressing arrow keys.

I wasn't able to load your game, it got stuck at loading screen :'-(

your health bar is your melee weapon, you can shoot, but you use your own health as ammo

thanks for your suggestions:

- good point, i will in next update

- i tried, it didn't work

- i know, but it does it only in web build, if you download game, it's only covering half of the screen

rotating cursor is the easy part, i mean the velocity (i often have not enough control t dodge)

still, if you get to 1 tile high space, it is an instakill

I woud add some invincibility frames +what purpose did the fish serve?

Very hard to control. I would recommend adding some sort of tutorial too.

Secondary weapon is too op, because, you don't have to always ram into enemies, if you want to hit them.

I have no idea, what was i suposed to do.

At one moment, i just died, and on the game over screen was about milion retry buttons