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I see where your coming from, but your saying that I'm allowed to make the video however I want simply isn't true. That all depends on how you interpret the laws around it. Yes, so long as my video follows the conditions set by fair use I should be make the video however I want within those restraints, but that law can be interpreted so many different ways, and the precedence court cases as of so far have sided with the creator of the original content, not with the creator of the derivative work, meaning that even if my video technically fell into fair use, the developer could still have it taken down if they want because it's their game. It is because of this that I still contact the developer of every game before I use it to be sure.

Also, yes I agree that it makes a lot more sense to contact developers external to itch. I'm saying this should be a thing anyway because of the developers that don't have a twitter, or email, or any form of contact within their profile, making it impossible to reach them.

Not exactly. The press system simply gives reviewers free copies of games, but unless if the developer puts an email address of some form of social media in their profile, there is no way to directly contact them for various reasons. Eg. To give feedback, or to ask if they would prefer a spoiler free review, or if a full let's play is ok, etc.

Greetings. I realize this was posted quite awhile ago, but I was unable to find any other way of contacting you, and wanted to let you know that there does not seem to be a download available on the game page. Also, as a YouTuber I would be willing to make a review or let's play of your game if that is something you would be interested in.

IIRC All that does is allow developers to automatically give reviewers free access to their paid games instead of having to give out individual review keys. I didn't think that had a DM system.

Is the a way to send direct private messages integrated in itch? Or is it impossible to get in contact with people on here unless if they provide a link to their twitter or something? If this isn't a thing, it should be. As a youtuber, it's sometimes difficult to find a way to contact a developer to ask for permission to use thier game.

How do you see who all follows you?

Is this with reguards to a certain game? If so then this is in the wrong place.

I think you posted this in the wrong place.

Hey, I'm EdgieHippie! I am a small time Youtuber. I made a few simple games in YOYO Game Maker in middle school, and wanted to be a game designer, but then opted for a different path.

Why not both? :P

a. I like that idea whenever you get time.

b. IMO, when reading very active threads, yes. Mind if I ask what the current default is?

PS. I love how active you are in the forums as the creator of all this!

No link?

Not that I know of. This is everything installed into the browser:

OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Primtime Content Decryption Module provided by Adobe Systems, Incorporated
Widevine Content Dycryption Module provided by Google Inc.
Google Update
Java Deployment Toolkit 8.0.1210.13
Java(TM) Platform SE 8 U121
NVIDIA 3D Vision
Sockwave for Director
VLC Web Plugin

I think it would be nice to have, on both the boards, and individual threads:

A) The number of pages so I can click on whichever page I want instead of blindly going forward one page at a time.

B) A way to change how many threads, when in a board, or replies, when in a thread, will display on each page.

I also get a "mismatched token" popup when trying to click like on someones post. Again, refreshing fixes it. A minor problem, but still an inconvience,

I've found that refreshing the page first usually prevents the problem, but still takes up time, and only if I wait at least 10 seconds after it's finished loading.

Also probably relevant is that I'm having multiple tabs of the same site open at once. It seems that whichever tab loaded most recently is the one that works fine while the rest don't.

Quite often when trying to subscribe to a thread or board I get this error message:

{"errors":["invalid csrf token (bad key)"]}

I then have to go back a page and click subscribe again before it subscribes.

The second problem I've noticed is when adding an item to a collection, and it then gives me the option to follow the game's developer, but that follow button when clicked does nothing. I then try to click the follow button right above the add to collection button instead, and that also does nothing. I find the only way to follow that works is to go to the bottom of the page, click on thier usename to see all thier work, and then follow on that page.

When you have an idea to suggest, it would be nice to be able to search the forums to see if anyone else has already suggested the same idea.

I wasn't quite sure where would be the best place to put this, but my suggestion for the website and app would be to add a wishlist feature just like Steam and GOG and Origin have, that would also give you notifications of when wishlist items go on sale.