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Thanks for playing, rating, and playing on stream! I learned a lot by watching someone play.

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I figured it wasn't your first language 😋 No worries!

Yeah, I think that would be a lot better. Or give the ability to turn the camera to see the character at all times 

Fun and creative levels. I didn't even realize they were numbers until looking more at your screenshots 😆.

I'm not sure how this game could be improved (other than graphics and juice). You've already got a full fledged game here! Just add more levels, put it on steam and profit! 💲🤑💰

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Super fun game with a fantastic soundtrack. I left it on in the background for over 20 minutes and didn't get sick of it.
I like how it seems like you turned bugs into features. lol

The leaderboard feature makes the game worth replaying to be the best.

Nice visual effects you've got going on. It's also cool how every color room has its own song.

So many games, no win conditions.. There may be a philosophical meaning here 🤔
Disappointed I can't choose a death day. lol.

Bucket list items:
Hang-gliding ✅🪁
Racing ✅🏎🏁
Laser tag ✅🔫
.... Banana pizza? ❔🍌🍕

This is a cute little game with a good calming and mysterious soundtrack.

Though, I found it super difficult since the air gusts are a one-hit-kill and come out of nowhere. 

I didn't like that it felt like I was forced to use the minimap most of the time. If that was the better view, maybe it should've been the main view? Or is there a way to rotate the camera that I didn't figure out?

And just as an FYI: Eternal*, Fuel*

Good base for a game! Has the potential for a bunch of puzzles. Could use a little more polish, like sounds and more visual appeal. Controls explanations are always welcomed too!

I agree with Nosioce. Maybe a different color pallet would be better for this. The super bright and vibrant colors hurt the eyes when looked at for too long. Are you blind now after making this!? 😂

If you continue to develop this game, maybe some extra quality of life additions could be having the arrow sit on the bow before releasing it so you get a better frame of reference where it will be going, and an auto-restart when the arrow has gone too far away.

Easy to cheese - Especially with two shoot buttons 😝 The biggest threat were the spaceships, but their spawn rate was pretty... spaced out.

The one slow (or sometimes stuck) enemy wasn't too much of a challenge to avoid, but I found when it did get me, sometimes the collisions didn't seem to register a "death". There was a point where I was blocked into a room by the enemy, and I couldn't push past it.

Like Nosioce said, it is possible to close both doors at the same time. The main two beginning doors never re-open if you do this and leave the room.

392.4 seconds! I feel like that's pretty good!😉

For being such a simple game, it was pretty fun being Dory's bodyguard. It could use a bit of polish though. Sounds, sprites, background for sense of movement. The X's for the chests were a good addition. Though sometimes when they popped up I thought they were an enemy at first since they were the same color.

I had to zoom my window to 175% to get the UI ratio looking correct. Just an FYI.

Great little game otherwise. I was genuinely afraid to walk into the dark with my torch behind me!

Amazing. 5/5 Super cute!

Some of the puzzles were real head scratchers, but I got through them all! Great game!

I thought the controls were a bit unintuitive, and that's what made a lot of the platforming difficult, since I was pushing some of the wrong buttons at the wrong time.
In addition to Hedgein's suggestions, I think keeping the player from being attached to the wall until they press themselves against it would help a lot. There were times I wanted to double jump straight up against the wall, but couldn't because I would have to do a wall jump, throwing me in an unintended direction.

Having the timer not start until the player moves was a great idea!

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Is the robot putting random ingredients in the blender sometimes, or am I just bad at the game?
Edit: I sent you video of the issue I was facing.
This was a beautiful and otherwise polished game! The characters were adorable, and the music was cute. Great job!

What is the secret with the watermelon!?

Great job! I think a couple improvements that could be made are:
• Have the icon of what to find closer to the cursor, , or more vibrant/noticeable
• Have the map change every time a fruit is found


The prompts when you die are a bit mean and discouraging. Telling the player they should just give up isn't what you want people to actually do. Saying they're cheaters could be ok if it's coming directly from a character in-world, and mean is their personality. But coming from the creator just makes you the mean one.

I get that it's meant to be lighthearted, but being just read through text, that affliction isn't shown very well.

My first attempt I died to the seemingly impossible fairy and what looked like Cthulhu vampire. My second attempt I went to the left and was alone with the fairy and unleashed every skill as much as I could until it was dead. Then there were no more enemies, and I couldn't progress through the level. Third attempt, I was writing this comment, and went back half way through to be at less than half health. So I ran all the way to the right again and everybody stopped attacking me, so I could easily kill them with the lasers and lightning bolt skills. I'm not sure if I killed the octopus arms or if they just disappeared.

It's a great looking game! I agree with CFHM, that sounds & Music would go a long way! Allowing the player to spam every action is kinda fun, but takes any challenge out of the game.

Thanks! If I didn't have other life responsibilities, I could've done so much more! If you stay touching the doggo after he attacks you once, he won't attack anymore, so you can get really close and imagine you're petting him! lol. 

I wanted to implement a stamina mechanic, but I didn't have the time 😕. I'm no level designer (obviously), but I tried to make it "difficult" to find the table, like a maze.

Thanks for playing!

Oh yeah, the stamina is something I definitely wanted to add, but unfortunately didn't have enough time to implement :/

Thanks for playing! 

I'm not sure how to use my abilities. You say they cost health, but no matter what I do I don't see the health fall. The jumping isn't responsive sometimes, so I end up falling to my death. 

I got all the way to the point where there was a huge gap with an enemy shooting at me. I'm guess I am supposed to ride the bullet to the other side? But I couldn't pull it off.

Freaking weird & creepy, mate. lol.

I think the Spiders surrounding the fire was a bit unfair, since it feels like those areas are meant to be "safe zones".

Good job overall, and I'm not even a horror fan.

Freaking weird & creepy, mate. lol.

I think the Spiders surrounding the fire was a bit unfair, since it feels like those areas are meant to be "safe zones".

Good job overall, and I'm not even a horror fan.

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Neither Firefox, Chrome, or Edge worked for me 😟. I wish I knew the issue for this one. It reminds me of DigDug.

Edit: The link provided worked and I got to play it! Fun and challenging game. Just wish it had sounds or music.

Too funny! I loved seeing the medics come in and carry the knocked out pins out on a stretcher 😂 Great addition.

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For those that don't speak French (myself included), this is what the first screen says:

As director of the scene, you must help Jean Bonde D'York to pursue the evil Doctor Bay Honne. To do this, you must place elements allowing him to move between the skyscrapers of the city of PigTy.

In the preparation phase, a panel allows you to place the available elements using the left mouse click. By pressing Space, you go to the action phase and the placed objects can be activated by a left click.

Press Space to start

It was difficult for me to activate the bombs at the right time, since you have to click on, or very close to them. Maybe make everything go in sequential order, regardless of where the player clicks?

Otherwise, it was a fun and interesting puzzle game. Good job! I'm just not sure if it followed the theme. (Pun intended)

Traduction française:

C'était difficile pour moi d'activer les bombes au bon moment, puisqu'il faut cliquer sur, ou très près d'elles. Peut-être faire en sorte que tout se passe dans un ordre séquentiel, quel que soit l'endroit où le joueur clique ?

Sinon, c'était un jeu de puzzle amusant et intéressant. Bon travail! Je ne sais pas si cela suivait le thème. (Jeu de mots volontaire)

Unable to play because it's only the .exe file. If this was made with Unity, there needs to be the Unity dll included in the zip file.

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I got up to 1,002,600. The values of the lion and monkey don't make sense to purchase them, since you'll get more clicks per click if you spend your clicks on all penguins. Music is nice though.

And if you don't have an iPad, I just found this nifty website, www.soundtrap.com, that acts similar to it.

That was so difficult -.-


I beat it in about 20 minutes. The hardest part was figuring out how to get past the giant spider (easily), and then learning  that I wasn't going directly for the girl. Clever game, but it is pretty punishing.