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Siran Luthiel

A member registered Aug 05, 2019

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I realize how I can get other endings, I just think having a small icone in the scene selector for places where you have choices would make it a bit easier ^^ but it's a small thing.

And if you reference me replaying in novice it's because I don't want to replay boss in nightmare for those story bits =p (also it's fun to stomp bosses that I had trouble with ^^)

Soft lock happened when I was trying to skip a scene, got stuck on an empty dialogue box and couldn't progress further. I had this happen multiple time with lionel with scenes before and after the slime king boss. Only happened on nightmare

The game is great so far! did fain and lionel in nightmare.

Fain is super fun to play but there is an obnoxious bug where sometimes the roll is locked in place and doesn't make her move out of the way. A lot of time it's not too bad cause of I-frames but it killed me a few times. Especially relevant on the watcher and the golem because of their shockwaves and lasers.

I really love the boss design, they all feel very different, attack patterns are challenging but all feel fair, even those you go "bullshit" at first end up being pretty manageable once you know how to deal with them (except the random eye attack on the watcher, this one is still bullshit to me =p).

I played only two character so far but they also feel very different to play while still having enough similarity that what you learned from the previous character makes you better with the second.

Currently I'm redoing lionel story in novice to see what happens with other choices (especially wanting to abandon fain since I didn't do that the first time and seeing fain story it seems to be the canon choice), and I have two nitpicks. 1) Skipping a scene also skip choices apparently, I kinda wish it sent you to the next choice if there is one. 2) I think an icon in the scene selector for scenes where there are choices would be a nice QoL improvement if you want to try things out.

I also had a few issue where I softlocked the game when using the skip option which was obnoxious.

It was fun!

Though a bit shallow, once you hatch your first queen there is no real point in playing more, I basically had the entire tech tree except bee/queen upgrades at that point, and they cost way too much to be worth making before your queen, but once you have the means to make a queen there is no real failure possible anymore so they are a bit redundant.

The thing is that after first queen you either keep going with a hive that is capable of producing everything it needs or you start over with such a massive tech advantage that there is no risk of failure if you already did it once.

I wouldn't see it as a problem to have a short focused experience like that if "making your first queen" wasn't presented as the end of the tutorial, when anything beyond that is in fact new game +

Aside from this nitpick it was a very wholesome and enjoyable experience! And the way building upgrade did keep me playing a bit to satisfy my optimization obsession =p

Oh I guess I can add another thing, I think the map is actually a bit too big. At first I wanted to do a second hive and just fill the map in a beautiful optimized pattern, but I ended up just giving up in boredom after I did about half the map and had enough ressource production to create way beyond any ressource I'd ever need (by that I mean I could make the 600 jelly for a queen in a matter of seconds)

I think a map 2/3 the current size would fit more with the scope of the game without being excessively restricting.

Well I hope that was useful and interesting feedback!

Thanks for the game~ buzz buzz

I finished it that was intersting <3 It's really cute.

One big flaw I find is that it's not grid based, which means you can get blocks that are only on half of another block and it's more frustrating than interesting in my opinion.

Another thing is that I don't really like the character falling at the start of each level, and it even forces a reset on some level even if you instantly understand what to do because you have to prepare your fall at the start of the level (thinking of level 12 where as far as I can tell the best solution involve picking the orb on the left while falling then returning to the right before the path is blocked).

Maybe you should also clarify that bombs can also be used to kill ennemies, some level are probably impossible if you don't realize it (and I realized it only through sheer luck).

I like the idea but I really dislike being regularly insulted by the game, especially considering that when it's your turn to be forced to bet you basically can't do anything to change the outcome so being told I suck when I couldn't even play is... meh.