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Siran Luthiel

A member registered Aug 05, 2019

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I finished it that was intersting <3 It's really cute.

One big flaw I find is that it's not grid based, which means you can get blocks that are only on half of another block and it's more frustrating than interesting in my opinion.

Another thing is that I don't really like the character falling at the start of each level, and it even forces a reset on some level even if you instantly understand what to do because you have to prepare your fall at the start of the level (thinking of level 12 where as far as I can tell the best solution involve picking the orb on the left while falling then returning to the right before the path is blocked).

Maybe you should also clarify that bombs can also be used to kill ennemies, some level are probably impossible if you don't realize it (and I realized it only through sheer luck).

I don't really understand the link with the theme but alright.

The game itself is interesting but really cumbersome to play, the fact that you can only move while viewing your character is really annoying. I think you should have removed the scrolling and made all room viewable in one glance, but allow to move without being in "player" view

Obviously there would also need to be some obstacle other than bumping into walls.

Finally I think you should do something like wasd to move and q/e to switch view, having to double tap when you want to alternate between two view is quite annoying and I'd rather select the correct view with one press, it would add a lot to the flow of the game.

And one last thing. This game would need at least some basic sound effect. Having auditory feedback when you walk or bump into a wall would help a lot, and you could use sound to create different terrains to guide the player, for exemple walking into leaves or puddles of water could create different sounds.

I like the idea but I really dislike being regularly insulted by the game, especially considering that when it's your turn to be forced to bet you basically can't do anything to change the outcome so being told I suck when I couldn't even play is... meh.