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It was fun!

Though a bit shallow, once you hatch your first queen there is no real point in playing more, I basically had the entire tech tree except bee/queen upgrades at that point, and they cost way too much to be worth making before your queen, but once you have the means to make a queen there is no real failure possible anymore so they are a bit redundant.

The thing is that after first queen you either keep going with a hive that is capable of producing everything it needs or you start over with such a massive tech advantage that there is no risk of failure if you already did it once.

I wouldn't see it as a problem to have a short focused experience like that if "making your first queen" wasn't presented as the end of the tutorial, when anything beyond that is in fact new game +

Aside from this nitpick it was a very wholesome and enjoyable experience! And the way building upgrade did keep me playing a bit to satisfy my optimization obsession =p

Oh I guess I can add another thing, I think the map is actually a bit too big. At first I wanted to do a second hive and just fill the map in a beautiful optimized pattern, but I ended up just giving up in boredom after I did about half the map and had enough ressource production to create way beyond any ressource I'd ever need (by that I mean I could make the 600 jelly for a queen in a matter of seconds)

I think a map 2/3 the current size would fit more with the scope of the game without being excessively restricting.

Well I hope that was useful and interesting feedback!

Thanks for the game~ buzz buzz

Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

If you haven't spotted, the Royal Decrees upgrade provides a mix of positive and negative effects that last the duration of that Queen's lifespan, providing more variation in the kinds of balances the game asks you to find. This is particularly impactful for new hives, but can also shake things up for larger hives depending on the combination of effects (particularly with the increased number of concurrent Queens that the Royal Apprenticeships upgrade allows).

First Queen represents a sustainability milestone rather than the "end" of a game. There's nothing wrong with not finding enjoyment playing beyond that though - every player's subjective experience is different!

I'm not sure that reducing the playspace is of any real value outside of possible challenge scenarios. I've been considering allowing the playspace to expand infinitely, but at this stage, that's lower priority at this compared to other changes I have planned.