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you are beautiful

This game is cool!

Visually, the game looks quite decent and the lighting from the glow looks fresh. 

A bit scuffed when it comes to movement but the concept of travelling from one place to another just by using a flamethrower is a very good concept. :D

Glad to see the developer make a game after a long hiatus! I'd like to see more :)

This game was very interesting! The music was very well made and the player's movement really felt like controlling a ghost. The concept is a bit overused but it's executed well and the puzzles are not that hard either. Overall, it's a great game :)

this is sick :)

Very cool game! I liked the sound effects and the visuals in it. Very well made :D

Very cool game! Feels arcadey and easy to play, was a bit hard for me at first but I got used to it :)

this should win the bafta game awards this year

Very interesting game, reminds me of DDR, overall the art and bugs like the settings menu not opening up properly when opening it for the second time is an issue other than that, very cool, keep it up!

Thank you Gale for playing the game! Yeah, the concept is pretty different compared to my other games and I will definitely be reworking the music, the difficulty curve and problems like the sword getting destroyed when collided with the knight. Keep an eye on the next update :D

Thank you for playing the game, ArjenK!  I really need to make puzzles suitable for everyone and that's exactly what I'm going to do in the next update for this game :D 

Thank you for playing the game and giving your thoughts on it, Agroithien! Will be making the required changes in a future update of this game :D

Thank you for your compliments, jdgazlay! Yes, the game could be extra frustrating if the game makes you play the whole game again just for a mistake. And the difficulty curve will be smoothened out in a future update :D

Very good game! I like the retro vibes in it but I quite don't understand what do the pickups do. Nonetheless, it's a very fun and engaging game to play. 4.5 / 5 :)

Very interesting game and the voice acting is hilarious lol

The game feels really good to play and I'd like to see more from this. Good job on adding polish and giving a very cool idea to it :D

Thank you for playing the game and giving me your thoughts on it, DiegoGary!  I will be noting down visual hints and animations for a future update of this game and I will play your game and rate it as soon as I can :D

Very cool game, the number of people who rated this game is no surprise when I see this goodness :D

I do have a problem though, I can't properly attack the enemies because I have the fear of dealing damage when getting too close to them and the sword doesn't deal damage to the enemies when on a safe radius but that might be just me.

I'd like to see this game in steam if possible, good job Dan!

Thank you for your compliments, Redstone!

Thank you for giving me your suggestions and thoughts, Peter!

I've heard that the difficulty curve, the collision problem with the player, the slow speed of the sword are a few problems of the game from the other comments and I've noted it down. And yes, this game lacks a bit of indication, your suggestion on giving an indication of when a mage will throw a potion and a buildup animation is very cool and I've noted that down too :D

Thank you for your compliments and yes, I will be updating it like I said and expect all those suggestion arrive into the actual game :)

Thanks a lot shrar! I've noted down your suggestion for the next update of this game :D

Very interesting game! I'd like to see this game further explored my guy :D

Thank you Dan, really appreciate the compliments! I will be fixing those issues soon enough :)

Now I really feel the urge to fix the difficulty curve and the sword speed. I will be updating it in the next version of the game!

Thanks for your suggestions and compliments Billy, really motivates me to keep going :D

Glad you liked the game, Smolboi! Really appreciate on what you had to say about this game :)

The difficulty curve is a known issue that I've heard from many people but I will be updating the game and will try my best to make it look good, and the sword's speed will be made faster too! :D

Very good game! The screenshake, the gunplay, everything felt so satisfying! I'd like to see this game expand more! Clever title too :)

The only elements I didn't like were the sound and some parts of the screenshake. The screenshake did make me dizzy at some parts of the game and the sound especially in the "GET REVENGE" text were a little too loud. 

Nonethless, very good game and I give this a 9.5 / 10

Thank you, Squishy! I am looking forward to update the game as soon as I can!

Thanks a lot man! :D

Hey, thank you for playing the game! Means a lot to me. 

Yes, I agree that the arrow keys and the WASD combination can be a bit frustrating, however I'll be updating it! A bit strange how the jump doesn't work at times, I will look into that. 

Thanks for the feedback, will take a note of all the cons and improve the pros :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback :D

Thanks a lot, CosmoBrain! Yes, I agree with you, I need to change the controls. It is a bit eerie. And don't worry about the ratings :D

Very epic game, but the only problem I find with it is the bullets sometimes pass through walls. And who did the music in this game? The music was very amazing!

AMAZING game! I really like how the theme is perfectly executed and I really like the gameplay. 

One thing that can improve is the UI, other than that, great game!

Ayy thanks

Thank you Andrew, really appreciate your comment :D

Ah, a must fix. Let me check the game's code again. Thanks for reviewing the game :D

Amazing game! The game is really similar to the mobile game, PACO, but this game is really Out of Control. Gramps do be driving :D

Great job! The concept has been taken perfectly and I like the dark aspect in the game. Really enjoyed it :)

Epic, good job porting it :D 

Yeah, the jumps in my game are really floaty but I'll sure fix it. Thanks for the nice comment :D

Haha true,  that was one of the main mechanics I wanted to introduce. Thank you for your feedback :D