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Thanks, now it works fine :)

Hello again, sorry for being so late, I've sent you an email.

Hello, how can I talk to you for commissions ?

I just got the "pixel art platformer - Village House" from unity asset store it would be nice to have it here, i mean im not using unity but had to download it just for your amazing assets. and also planning on buying the character creation asset it would be nice to have everything here

Hello, I published an asset pack yesterday and still don't show up on the website

link :

Is there something i can do to solve this ? 



I started a new pixel pack with daily update for now the pack has 50+ sprites, i will be adding more by the days passes 

Plans for the future: Add : Armors, Enemies, Minerals, More cool weapons, Ores, crafting materials, chests, crates...

I will be waiting any suggestions !


The first one who comments " I love pixel art" its going to get a free copy

i didn't made it in time to find you live but i saw the part where u played my game, next time ill try to make things more intuitive.

Thanks :) ill try to be online in your next  Jammy Wednesday

so i used the behavior Pin to and i just pinned them to the player sprite

Best sounds ever :)))), really fun, good job and also nice art!

i think the hitbox of the character should be smaller , just the body, i died a few times because of the things on my head, also at some point in the game i could't jump i dont know why, the music is good and the graphics are fine good job !

G4M3R !! :))) 

 I enjoyed you game , i took me a few tries but it was nice maybe you can do a full game about this prototype it will be a nice game

Good job!

Hahahahaha, I AM SPEED !!! nice game, you did a good job !

Hahaha, we had somehow the same idea, nice.


The game is hard,  you will die whatever you do, i dont know if its possible to reset the timer or maybe when u reach the engine it should reset it but it doesn't , the idea its nice (wink wink) and fits the theme more than mine.

over all you did a good job! 

Nice job,  the game fits good with the theme, the game is kinda hard ? i mean maybe this is how it should be,  for me will be better with some kind of mini dash once in a while for the rough moments when you didn't had enough time to move the ramps where u want to.

over all a great game, Good job!

2942 , really nice , maybe the dash sound was a little to loud at first but somehow after a few dashes it doesn't feel that loud, the music fits well the game.

Good job, nice game ! 

I really liked everything,   i was confused when i first  went to the car  the turning was a little "hard" ?? , the music fits perfectly and makes u play more somehow , for me was a really nice camera movement ,
and your art is very nice 

Good job !  5/5 from me 

 the music fits just fine with the gameplay , the colision of the enemy ships doesn't cover all the enemy ships so most of my bullets just went through,  i liked that you get more munition when u destroy a ship. Good Job !! i like your game .

You did a great job 5/5 nothing more to say 

Im glad i downloaded the game
I put a laser that is coming to get you HAHAHAHAHAHAH now move or die :))))
Nice game i couldn't finish lvl 4

Hey the art is very nice, good job fits the theme of the jam 5/5 from me , really cool effects 

Cool game , i didn't made it to the Leaderboard  but i tried and i enjoyed the game 5/5 from me 
good job!

5/5 everything

Really fun and challenging game fits good to the theme of the  jam

Yeah the camera follows a invisible square  above the character  i think its a cool affect , i tried to make the camera follow the mouse but something went wrong and didn't worked 

Cool game, nice concept ! good luck in the Jam.

Really like it , try to make the islands spawn below  the character somehow  or something like playing with 2 islands  one top one bottom because i died a few time because the island spawned above me when i was sliding  but still a nice game , 

Good Job !

Fun and nice concept ! 
Good job! absolute 10/10 for this jam 

Good Job ! it was nice playing your game .
very good graphics!

Fits the theme really good,

Good Job! 

somehow i really liked your game 10/10 it was fun 
Maybe you can continue this prototype further 

The graphics are nice , i enjoyed running around :)

That was fun, i liked the game, when im about to die i just press the arrows randomly, its like the cat is dancing 

This was cool, i enjoyed playing it !

if you see a bug or something just let me know, Thanks