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забавная игра, спасибо, что повеселили)

thank you so much! this means a lot  and I'll try my best :)

it's become so much more convenient to use! thank you for your work! it's really awesome!

nice score!) i'm really happy for you ^_^

although you're not in top 20 of Mark's list he featured you in the video and that's awsome! 

i feel like the rating of someones game is really depending on the amount of people rated the game) twelve people is really not that big of a number for it to be fair and mean something) so i think you shouldn't focus on that)  i know i did really bad compare to you but it seems like i have a better score although my game is harldy playable and not even enjoyable) i have a drawing of a game, savvy?)  so let it go :)

the process of pollishing is really up to you  - how much you're invested in the project  and interested in it to make it  "good enough") if this is your side project and you don't like it that much - maybe it's okay to let go) otherwise if you have some interesting ideas to implement, want to learn how to do it right or to figure out how to handle all the UI/tutorial stuff so it won't take much time next time  - it might be useful)

as for me - my submission is merely a ghost of the game and for me this decision - to continue or not to continue - was really simple 'cause I'm a newby developer and have LOTS yet to learn) so i've started to work on "making it right"  next morning after submission  and still working on it bit by bit every morning before work) 

gl hf :)

thank you so much for these kind words! ^_^ till the next jam :D

unfortunately couln't open it - there's been some error 

warlock looks really cool!)  and cool the idea of switching like that!)

i really liked the idea and the game looks cool!)

really nice one! simple yet interesting) thank you!)

really cool game!) it wish there'd be a bit less vignette - it was sometimes difficult to see in the dark but then again people do work in such condition so it might be a part of immersion :D

thank you for your game) it's nice, simple and looks really good)

playing game jam's games i'm not often finishing them but I really like the idea of puting a number of levels on the UI) it was kind of stimulating for me) thanks for the tip)

this one of the best games on GMTK2021 for me! thank you so much!)

it's a really fun story, clever concept  and exellent execution) i wish there'd be more  levels but storywise it probably might have been a bit strange as the game helps you to revive all the horrors of presenting youself in one level))

(4 edits)

i like how the movement is made - it's rather hard to manage the ships but i think on the sea it should be that way) it's part of the fun)

but levels are hard to read.  some signs are misleading - like the red cross on an island:  when i fisrt saw it I thought it meant something and i should go to it but it only wrecked my ship(

i didn't understand what those sings with arrows were  about either and i didn't know you could shoot before i read it in the comments)

also the game is punishing because you die instantly  and have to restart the game every time you thought you're doing what the game want you to - like this red cross or signs. i would always die whenever i tried to get to them and when i did - nothing happened

and it was a bit frustrating when camera moved with no contstraint to the ships and you couldn't see what's ahead

i think it would help the game so much if you'd make 1 or 2 simple basic levels where you'd explain most of the mechanics and techniques first)  and if you'd give your ships like 2 or 4 lives before wrecking - that would be really cool)

i understand it's hard to make a game in 48 hours by youself when you're not a pro - i surely didn't manage to do that :) - but i hope my feedback will give you some info on what could have been more clear next time)


(1 edit)

i didn't understand what to do and it was hard to figure out what extactly am i moving with keyboard..  

maybe with some easy guide it would be more fun)

but you did MUCH more better then me)) my game isn't even working properly :D

really cool and kind game!  i like the idea of them singing together) thank you!)

really interesting movement desision!) and a fun concept :D

i like that the bride is screaming meow)) and that there's lava and spikes in the place where people should be getting married)))

it's a very bizzar game but when pollished might be rather fun and unique)

p.s  it's really hard to read instructions with that small pixel font..  if it would be at least 1 pixel taller andd  wider you would have more flexibility to make more easy-to-read charatchers)

i really liked this game! it's neat and simple but with good puzzels)

the only thing that I was suffering from is that white flash screen when they were joining - it is fullscreen,  very bright and sudden for my eyes

but otherwise - very good job!)

thank you for your game) you did better then me)) 

but I didn't quite understand what do I have to do in order to win.. 

i like the idea that when one of them get shot the other is able to move) 

it was fun! thank you for the game :) 

i liked the idea "it's easies than you'd think" on one of the levels? where there're lot's of arrows but you're only have to use one)

thank you so much! it really means a lot to me!

(1 edit)

hi, i would really like to pay you those $2, but i don't have a paypal account.. how else could I do that?

what a fun game))) and a concept that really speaks to major of us)) thank you!

oh, i'm sorry I misunderstood you) i'll be here next year :) thank you though!)

what a peculiar world you've created!

mark brown will like it so much!

excellent game!)

what a sad game! but well made!

you should press E) it was my mistake too)

try again) i've manage to open it second time)

wow! that is really cool! i like the idea and the art!

this is very clever!)

having screenshots and description would be nice)

i understood the concept but i didn't understand the mechanics

(1 edit)

haha, great idea!)) i like it))

and argee with Idan on improoving)

short but fun)

this is a really fun concept! very creative and unique, good job!)

(2 edits)

it's a rookie mistake but making your game's page is really helpful for "marketing") not everyone will try out some noname game)

i like that although there're no guides or description player understands how to play intuitively) 

the game is too short though and has a lack of story telling) i think you would really  benefit from joking around commenting what's happening) or even telling a little children story! like "once there was a penguin and he found a basket", "suddenly he realized that all the boxes wanted his basket too 'and so on)  with that kind of accent on storytelling the game mechanics could be very simple) 
i mean it would be fun if you'd made it childish on purpose and throughout the story increase the madness of what's happening. you have a 3d world so you could lose control of gravity at some point and so on) and that would be closer to the theme)

so as I think you're new to the filed it would be easy for you to focus more on the story ('cause it's easier to make) and not on the technical part  and make a great fun game) i would love to play that)

but anyway you did great because this obscure game has something from alice in wonderland for me and this is nice) thank you)

p.s quit button didn't work (

wow that was fun!)

it wasn't original but you did something that feels really cool!) when bullets started to flow sine path I laughed!) 
it would be even cooler if enemys were easier to kill - i think there's something in the fire's spead rate maybe? it's just too hard to hit an enemy - bullets are always fly past the target) 
i would spend more time in your game if it would be easier to defend my litle world from these scary shapes) but i did enjoyed it very much!) thank you!)

haha this is a fun concept and i liked how chicken was rotating)) feels absurd :D

you should make your game a page) screenshots and description - that kind of stuff)  that way more people will notice it)

as for a gameplay i don't know if this was on purpose but it felt a bit unballanced and moving platform was too fast

i believe this is your first 48-h jam and you did great!) 

i like the way you teach player the mechanics)