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I was playing around with the Dialogue System and noticed that the box messages don't switch to controller inputs, while the bubbles do. When I dug into the code, I noticed that there's a function in the continue button for the bubble that is not in the box. I've copied that code over, and it seems to work. I have tested it a bit, and I'm pretty sure that fixes the problem.

Hey! Thanks for the feedback! I used the wrong audio option, so that's definitely an issue. You're supposed to position it where you want the sound to be coming from, but that's not at all what I wanted. I'd definitely also add some sort of remapping, as a lot of people had problems with the controls.



Thanks for the review! If you didn’t know, you can access the solution to the level you are on from the pause menu.

No problem!

Hopefully this helps.

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It's a neat idea, however, I find rewinding the sticks very similar to picking them up, so it doesn't feel very original. The game itself is very satisfying and fits the theme, but just is a bit too close to pickup sticks.

I liked the story in this game! I found the text sometimes went outside of the text box, and there were a few other glitches, but those could be easily fixed. The art and music was good as well. Good job!


This is extremely polished! I loved the art style! I like how there's a bit of dialog, but it mostly gets out of the way for the game itself.


I like the idea! So many games just kill you when you get hit by an enemy, so it's nice to see a fresh take on that. The rewind part itself was clear and well executed. I found the character a bit too fast and the jump was a bit too floaty, making a weird sense of not being in too much control, which sucks since the levels require so much precision. Overall, great job, and I'd love to see more.


I like the level design and art, but the rewind felt a bit finickity. It seemed like after I stopped pressing E, the ghosted character would still move for a bit, making it hard to get them on a button.


Great idea! The controls feel a bit finickity, and sometimes I can't get the car to move. Maybe it's my mouse, but mouse sensitivity options would be nice. The music was good, and I liked the art. Overall, there's a few problems, but I'd definitely play a post jam release.


This is really fun! It feels very skilled and difficult, and is extremely intuitive, but hard at the same time. The music and art is good, and I was pleasantly surprised by how adding one extra element to what is essentially flappy bird makes it so much more enjoyable. Great job!


I would have liked a tutorial of some sort to teach how the game works. The first level feels unreasonably hard, and you finally get the bomb near the guy and he throws it away. I feel like there should have been one guy who didn't throw it to make it more approachable, and then add the throwing and introduce rewind.


I suck at bullet hell games, or even just games where you're getting shot at in general, and couldn't get past the first enemy. However, judging by the other reviews, that was a me problem and not a you problem. Looking at the description, it does technically fit the theme, but it feels like a bit of a stretch to me. Other than that, I can't give much useful criticism, since I suck so much at bullet hell games that I don't play them very often, so don't have much to compare it to.

Sorry, I'm only playing browser games.

Rated. I figured it out, but just found the box a bit frustrating.

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This is a very interesting concept. I loved the first few levels, but the King Kong level was a bit too hard, and felt like too much of a step up. We'd never had to move a box before, never had to fill a pool before, so it would have been nice to have had experience with those things. Obviously with the time given and the amount you did in mechanics in that time, level design wasn't your only concern, but it's the thing I would think about spending a bit more time on if you do release a post jam version, which I would love to see. The one other problem I have is with the box on that level. It would occasionally fall through the crane platform, which made the level annoying. Other than that, I love all of the other levels, and that one just felt a bit rushed. Great job!

Sorry, I'm only rating web games

Sorry, I'm only rating web games.


This is a great idea! It's a clever way to give a second chance, while still making it very possible to die. I'd love to see more levels of this.

Oh, okay! I'll try it out.


Good job! I liked the animations and you did a good job with that. A skip button would be nice for the cutscene. Also, it seemed like the text was getting cut off and I couldn't see the whole thing. In the game itself, It might have been nice to have a death screen rather than resetting the level.

Sorry, I can only play browser games.

I rated the game and commented on the game page.

I commented on the jam page.

Good job! I like the art, and thought the player movement was quite smooth. The player can rotate, which was a bit annoying, but also kind of adds to the charm a bit. It just barely fits the theme, but it does fit.


Interesting idea! Making a story driven game is very hard under a time limit, and you did a good job of it. The pencil is a pretty smart idea, and I like the dialog. Rewinding isn't present in the mechanics, but it is in the story, and that makes it very unique in its implementation of the theme. Good job.

I love the art and music. I wish there were checkpoints, but other than that, the game itself was quite fun. You used rewinding differently than most games, so that was nice to see.