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mfw someone gets their feelings hurt by a tongue-in-cheek ending to a game. rofl.

grow up. you have a lot of it to do.

Just shut up and make more or don't. I didn't ask for conversation with a dev.

so this game is done then. just say that.

it's nice. i enjoyed it. but have the self awareness to realize that if it's on the backburner, it's done for good.

what in god's name is with the fucking ridiculously awful controls?

I'll go for that

so you're kind of like dax sheperd from idiocracy?

i don't think i'd broadcast that.

nope. they can't.

yeah. having given this game and its prequel a shot, i'd say this guy doesn't understand much about game design. or UI design.

the first idle orbs game has HUGE display issues. windows on top of windows obscuring everything. i'm playing on chrome.. with no weird extensions. no reason for it. just bad programming.

both games are boring and shallow.

annoying as fuck that i had to lower my whole chrome volume so low so my zoom classes wouldn't blast my eardrums to smithereens

why the hell is the music so damn loud even on the lowest volume setting

You probably don't realize that it's showing the *next* version's changes and not the *current* version's. So you may not understand why people are whining about it. It's super broken and annoying as it is. And I suspect you intended it to show the current version's features.

It would be useful and logical then and is useless and weird the way it is.

I think the changelog is just bugged. You must have intended for it to show the updates in the current version.. not the next one.

Now that I think about it... the changelog is so assbackwards and such a dumb implementation, that I suspect the author of this game intended for it to show the changes made in the most current version.. and not the changes in the upcoming version.. and it's just a mistake.

It's such a ridiculous thing to omit. If I don't remember the previous change log.. then I literally can't see the changes that I'm currently "in"

It's a really weird oversight. Just being able to see the changes for the current version would be sufficient. And I'd rather see them than the next ones if I only had to see one at a time anyway.

Do not speak to me again. You are below the intellectual threshold I regard as a bare minimum for meaningful discourse.

doesn't load properly in chrome. the game window is zoomed in.

This game really is garbage. The movement feels horrible.

And at the very beginning, you can go left and get the gun and prompt the text from standing near the computer terminal.. but that's it. The mario pipes in the center room show down arrows for the left two but no controls make you go down them. So that's it. An empty room to the right. A dead end with a computer terminal to the right and an overall movement design that feels HORRIBLE. The way you kill off horizontal velocity when dropping off ledges.. the way you shoot when you jump.. the way hitting down makes you jump. This and a million other things.

It's like the dev didn't even playtest his own game rofl.

why can't we mute the music? it forces us to mute the entire application, rendering the volume reduction upgrade worthless.

It takes minutes, not 30 seconds. And I have no idea what you're talking about. Did I not tick the 'temper tantrum' action by beating the game?

author didn't even have the integrity to respond to you. that is a no-brainer for me: he's blacklisted.

guessing AD is the only incremental you've ever played. this is nothing like AD. there are tons of games that feel like AD. this is much more unique, though not nearly as strong of a formula. no one is going to be saying "getting oscilight vibes from this" unless someone goes way out of their way to make that the case.

i beat traffic light incremental and didn't get that last traffic light point in this game for having thrown the temper tantrum.

losing out on a whole upgrade kind of ruins the meta game.

now i'm just going to check out the other games and stop playing this one.

after doing my first wood reset, i can't get compressing sparks to actually work.

what a buggy game. and the dev abandoned it. no integrity.

ok and I hope you know your report did absolutely nothing. and I still think you are a lame human being.

i win :)

like 99% of hardcore idle players, i picked idle and generators. and omfg is it slow.

we have to be punished because you don't play idle games so you tuned the game for non-idle players? rofl.

What a lame assessment. This game is amazing. An absolute standout in the incremental genre.

What a lame human being you are.

why is there no mute option? i started with music out of curiosity. but now i want it the fuck off.

No it does not. It does for you. But your wording implied that it simply "does this" for everyone.

e.g. it does not for me.

I see. Well I'd ditch that launcher then. That isn't even a launcher if it's just giving you files to launch yourself. I knew had a launcher (because of gog galaxy 2.0) but didn't realize it was that trash

Ditch it come to the web-side.

I've tried it thrice on easy and have never gotten very far at all. I've been very careful and meticulous and am extremely good at management/simulation type games.

You reach a point where the deck offers nothing but regular worker cards. Stops giving you water carriers/wells. Only offers herman's ditch without ever giving you maps which are apparently a prereq, etc. So it bleeds you down to -100 rep and ends the game.

I tried two more times after the first failure and had the same behavior each time. I had built up the necessary structures for storing my four workers, four permits, and four building materials. And each time it would lock me this way. I refreshed and tried it on NG as well as here.

I am 100% certain that this is the behavior that everyone experiences playing since I am playing in a very NORMAL and careful way. I suspect most of you are alternate accounts of scriptwelder, pretending to heap praise on the game, yet betraying yourself because an actual large playerbase would be yelling about the unbeatability and general unplayabiliity of the game.

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Are you absolutely retarded..?

What made you think this game is meant to be downloaded? Why did you jump through whatever insane hoops one would need to jump through in order to download this web-based game in the first place? And after doing so, why would you act surprised/confused when it didn't work as intended?

There is something seriously wrong with you.

just came back here (after downloading this among some other games a few days ago after the jam ended) to learn the author's name. this way i can avoid anything they ever do in the future.

if you're not sure why i'm saying this, go ahead and download it and give it a "go" and you'll see.

this is pure trash.