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Hell yeah I love Nintendocore!

Can you try the manual install version?

This is cute, thanks for sharing!

Thank you, glad you like it! Looking forward to hear what you make  :D

Hey, you probably want to automate the pitch bend knob, and reset when you don't want to pitch bend. What DAW are you using? There are example projects for FL studio in the youtube video descriptions


That's a lot of Soraboys!! :D Nice one!


Sure, feel free to email me at

These are great!! Sounds like you are making good use of the Wave and Noise channel modes from the new update aswell

Thanks for sharing!

This is awesome!! Thank you for sharing :D

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Here are some frequently asked Soraboy questions and answers. I will try to keep this up to date as I get more questions.

Q: Is there a Mac version available?

A: Unfortunately there is no Mac version at the moment. I hope to support Mac in the future.

Q: Why does Windows Defender Smart Screen flag Soraboy?

A: This is because I'm an "Unknown Publisher". I am hoping to fix this in the future. In the meantime, you can click "More info > Run anyway" or try the manual installation version instead.

Q: Why can't my DAW find Soraboy?

A: Did you happen to change the plugin install location? The VST3 standard forces all plugins to be installed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3.

Q: Why can't Ableton find the Soraboy presets?

A: This is a known issue with Ableton and VST3 plugins in general. The Soraboy preset files can be found in C:\ProgramData\VST3 Presets\shadowsora\Soraboy.

Thanks for checking out Soraboy! I'd love to hear some of the songs that have been made with Soraboy, so please post them in this thread, thanks! :)

Thanks Rob, glad you like it :D

Thanks for playing man, glad you like it! :D


Thanks man glad you liked it :)

Thanks for playing that far! Level 3 is harder for sure, maybe I could have done with a level in between :D

Hahaha xD thanks glad you like it! :D

it's definitely a frustrating game for sure haha, thanks for playing :D

Thanks, glad you liked it! :D

Space travel on a gameboy, awesome idea! I like the gameplay and mechanics, I grew some plants and went to the other station :D would love to play the finished one if you keep working on this :)

Surprisingly addictive! Love the art and music

Surprisingly addictive! Love the art and music

Thanks, glad you like it! If I do an update for the game, I will try to implement a pause feature :)

Thanks so much!! Ah yes, I should mention in the description about the ghosting for the DMG. I have tried it on an Advance SP which worked much better, and I am yet to try it on Color / Pocket so not sure about those yet. As for the timing to the music, ideally in these kinds of games the player movement would perfectly match the tempo of the song so everything would be in sync, but I couldn't find a way to do that due to limitations of the Gameboy. However, I did try to build the levels around the music as much as possible :)

Unique game, love the teleport mechanic :D

Really fun idea! Art is nice too, liked seeing my assembled JamBoy :D

Love everything about this game. Art, sound and gameplay all 5/5

Thank you bro!

Thank you man glad you like it! :D

"Submissions open from September 17th 2021 at 5:00 AM to September 27th 2021 at 5:00 AM"

"Following the original specification, with a few fun additions, participants have two weekends to create a game."

Maybe a silly question but just want to clarify, can we work on the game during the full submission period or is it meant to just be during those weekends? :P

This is so fun!! Love how you can shoot down to propel yourself into the air haha :D

Thanks for the feedback, we are working on expanding the game :)

Cool ideas! I like the narrative, and the art is cute :D

I often use Shirobon's serum preset pack when making music, it has some really nice sounds 

Aside from that, I also sometimes use some free/cheap chiptune VSTs like ymVST and Peach

For sound effects specifically, Bluchu showed me this tool that seems pretty handy, I'm going to play around with it some more 

Good luck! :D

Thanks a lot man!! Glad you like it :D

Haha really love the idea and the dialogue, good game!