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I haven’t played the original but this is really fun!

Thanks for playing! :D

Thank you for playing and thanks so much for the feedback!

I sort of ran out of time and didn’t really spend any time balancing the audio levels, that’s definitely something I will keep in mind for the next game.

The marker is a great idea! If I expand on this game I will definitely try that out for sure.

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Thanks so much for playing the game and giving detailed feedback! I was busy so I couldn’t properly watch the stream but I checked in for a moment and saw you got the hat! Nice one 😎

To address some of the issues: the mouse not locking after closing the shop really bothered me too and I tried basically everything to try and fix it, but it seems to be a limitation in Unreal Engine WebGL builds (the issue doesn’t happen on Windows, but I wanted to prioritise doing a WebGL build for now since that’s easiest for jam participants to play). I think if I do a post jam update I will do a build for Windows.

And you’re right, the wolf AI can be pretty janky for sure! 😆 Sorry about that.

As for the audio issue, this is something I hadn’t really thought about, so thank you for pointing that out! Next time I will set it lower and maybe include some control to set the volume level like other games in this jam did.

I really love the music! And the pixel cat :D fun game

Thanks for the fix!! I played it again and it works well! Now I can make way more trots :D

Although, I think I may have found another bug? Sometimes when I sell 1 trot it seems to count as 2 trots on the same request :O Unless I was mistaken…

This is a solid prototype and it’s really impressive it was made with no engine! Really love the concept of rotating the maze to collect the stars and dodge obstables. Would be cool to see the player controls improved and also more mechanics introduced in future levels!

The art in this game is so damn cute!! And the upgrade cards are a really cool idea. Would be cool to see this be turned into a bigger game with more things to do.

Although, I’m pretty sure using the FF8 soundtrack is against the jam rules…

Really fun idea and cute pixel art!! Would be nice if there was some nice bleep bloop music to go with it

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Fun concept and nice visuals but going all the way back to level 1 every time is too much for me, but I guess it is a rage game it did make me rage so good job! :D

Fun game and the bug art is nice! I like how there’s a highscore table :D

I really love the art in this game!!! And interesting gameplay too

Thanks, glad you liked it! Ah yeah, to be honest there may be some balancing issues as the game really only all came together a couple days before the deadline. In my opinion, if you got the hat, you’ve basically beaten the game since its the most expensive upgrade (and is so cool) 😆

Ah yes I think I had all of those come up in the game I played! I remember seeing one I think was called Bountiful Harvest and was like yooo its Pot of Greed haha. I like how those concepts were translated into the farming theme, but also I liked how new concepts were introduced like growing the seeds :)

I LOVE THIS!! With the pixel art and 8bit music, It reminds me of playing yugioh games on the GBA.

It’s yugioh but with farming theme, what is not to like???

I didn’t quite understand the game at first and failed a bunch of requests and got into debt… but then I played it again and was having a great time!! First I just focused on making strong trots and maxed out STR, and then tried other things. I really like the art and the mechanics a lot. However I had one problem. I bought a couple of trots but then could not see them in the breeding section.. Is this a bug or am I missing something? Also, I was not a big fan of the music but I like how you can mute it. Overall, really great game, good job!

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The mechanics of this game are really unique and the variety is really impressive with the various growth and utility cards. I really enjoyed playing it! Only problem is that the first time I played I couldn’t get to the crops because they were blocked by rocks xD


I like the simplicity! And the low poly art is nice. I like the detail of the game slowing down when you hit a chicken, that was cool :D

I love this game!! The mechanics are so unique and fun. And I really love the art and music. It’s also really well polished, like it even has different difficulty settings (I found even “easy” to be a bit tricky though, maybe the amount of farmers could be decreaed on easy? Or their speed?). But great fun, good job! I feel it would be cool as a Switch game or something.

Thanks so much! I love the idea of expanding into a bigger game where the player has more control over the farm and more options/thing to buy.

Thanks a lot! It definitely took me a while to get my head around compared to Unity, but now I think it’s finally starting to click! Also, I’m using UE4 for the WebGL support (wouldn’t recommend it too much, I can see why they dropped the WebGL support…), so it’s not quite as demanding on my PC as UE5 would be :D

This game is so cute and seems to work totally fine on mobile btw!

Really cute and fun game! I liked the fast pacing and also how you can chill in the house a bit before starting the next day. The controls felt a bit clunky at first but I got used to them (I think the scroll wheel felt a bit fiddly to select items). And the “don’t forget to feed the chicken” text never went away xD Some ideas for potential improvements: add an upgrade that you can buy to water more crops at one time. Also, maybe have the player move to where you click instead of having to do both the WASD movement and mouse movement. I think this game could all controlled by mouse clicks, and then it could work on mobile easily too.

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I love the title screen and animation, so cute! And the game art and mechanics are both really nice. I think the levels get hard a bit too quickly (I got stuck on 2-1, but I don’t play that many puzzle game so maybe that’s just me), and I would have liked the tools to be introduced more quickly. But this is just because it’s a jam game and we can only really give a few mins per game if we want to play lots of the games. For a full game, probably this pacing is appropriate. Also, some music/sfx would have added some nice polish. But overall, still a really nice game!

Edit: played again and currently got to 2-3, I realised now that I can turn all the dark dirt patches into water.

I love the mechanics and it matches the theme perfectly. Love the retro art style and sfx, and highscore table was a nice touch. Only issue I had was that I seemed to always start with 0 Pitchforks. Is there something I am missing to obtain them?

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. We will be doing a small update after the jam ends to polish the game a bit more, but we probably won’t be adding new areas or cats to this one. But, we may make another follow up game and introduce more cats to the cast, so feel free to follow and wait for that :D

Impressive art! I like the honeycomb shaped islands, and the 3D bees are really cute! To be honest I didn’t play to the end because it seemed it could take a long time. It would be cool if you could click to complete the sentence to get through the dialogue faster (we were also missing that feature in the winter jam and added it later, so I totally get it). Also, I found equiping the vacuum a bit janky. But still, really good job for a 3 day game jam!

Thanks for playing! The character models and voices are very inspired by Animal Crossing haha :D

Great artwork! And funny writing :D

Would be cool if there was a bit more to the gameplay part, but still nice work for a 3 day jam!

Really interesting idea for a game! I found it a bit difficult at first but I got there in the end. Really well polished too. Good job!!

Very nice game!! Love the Japanese-style environment. Mechanics are really fun too. As a suggestions for after jam improvements: it could be nice if it could be a bit faster for each round, and if there could be a way to lose the game.

Love the artwork, both 2D and 3D, and how they are used together! Music and gameplay is nice too. Like others said. I found it hard to read the pop ups on the right side which made it a bit difficult sometimes.

Thanks for playing! The stream was really fun to watch :D

Thanks for playing!! And thank you for the feedback. I know what you mean about snapping to angles, it could definitely be smoothed out. And good job on finding the ghost, the object detection is quite sensitive so it’s possible it was just in the edge of the photo 😆

Thanks for playing!

What a lovely story! I reeally love all the art too. The spirit was so cute and that koi fish pond was stunning!

This game was fun and cozy! Also, I love how the winter jam game character was included as a tshirt design haha, nice easter egg.

This game is really cute! I love the art and presentation generally (audio speeding up and slowing down, transitions etc, the game was so polished)! The gameplay was fun too. Great job!

The art is really good and I like the controls (both movement and camera). Good job!

Thanks so much!

Thank you!! The voice for the character “Tendon” is actually a recording of my cat 😂