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I tried to buy a game, but it said my zip was wrong. So as I am going to edit my card that I have saved and see what is wrong, the payment goes through, withdrawn from my account. But it doesn't register on itch? It doesn't appear on my purchases, there was no email sent out saying I had bought it, and I can't play the game, it keeps telling me to buy it. BUT THE MONEY HAS BEEN TAKEN OUT OF MY ACCOUNT. I want to play the game I bought, and not have to pay double just to see what the hell is wrong with my zip or whatever. Someone please contact me with help. I assume this is how to get ahold of itch developers or whatever because I can't find out how or whom to reach out to for help

omg, the comedy is amazing, I love everything about this 

and I actually think I will enjoy the poly relationships just because these characters are just so fricken unresistable. One poly relationship in particular is just so fricken amazing. both of them are attractive and they are so cute together toooooo

this is incrediably good! Thank you so much! I'll probably gush more about this later XD I'm only on chapter 3 aiming for Alkar. All the characters are very interesting, can't wait to play everyone's routes. Well, not usually interested in poly though. So maybe not those routes. Anyway, this is great! Glad I found it!

nevermind! i went to the steam page for the cheat map and read the directions!! lol, sorry

hey guys, loved the game. I got it on steam. i got a good ending with saji but not the others. i bought the cheat sheet, but dont know where it is or how to open it or work it! help!!

for some reason it still says not avaliable on windows for me

unfortunately every time I click on that it says I need a new app from the app store to open it??

It is not letting me download, and yeah, it seems worth the money because it is so interactive and all the choices you can make and a long story but not if i can't play it!!!!!!

I paid so much money for this

I don't understand why it won't download

I loved the demo, payed for the full version but when I go to download it it keeps saying I need a new app from the app store?? what the hell is that about??

I want to playyyy it looks super interesting. But I have windows. Will it be availiable on windows soon?

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It was so beautiful. I love this wilder series. It is a star among everything on here. I loved Baha's route even more than Ran's. But both...make you feel so much, are so skillfully written...can't get enough.

BAhadur's finally out?! I must find!!!!!!! Been waiting for a long time! Yesss so excited!!!


I was wondering if there was any estimation on when the full game will be released? I pre-ordered it an am amped to play

Okay, so Guntur is my all time fav but the others are so good too! Just like in the winged ones, all the love interests are so awesome! I honestly can't pick a second favorite, Kah'lil and Arya. I like the both!! I can't wait for more. I need it so bad. Seriously can't wait!!!!!!! so cute. As are the others....but Guntur....

playing rn..........Holy Bomb in my face TTnTT ya hit me with a curve ball, I gonna cry. my heart

holy crap! So excited!!!!!!

OH MY GOD, THAT WAS AMAZING. and surprisingly dark. I love it! So much! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FULL RELEASE! seriously, can't wait. Love the intro song too, so pretty. Leo interrests me the most, but all of them seem awesome to play. TTnTT seriously can't wait for full release TTnTT

really excited for this and Queens Crown

First I got the Tears ending, then finally I managed Android Dream ending. flipping loved it, especially the Dream ending, though it took me three tries to find it. Thank you for making this!

SO SOOOOOO excited!

omg i can't wait to see ran again

I can't wait for Bahadur, seriously the wait is killllllling me. So close yet so far TTnTT

ok, thanks for your hard work

TT.TT still checking O.O

Thanks! I will look for their dev. page. :( I hope everything goes okay for them. :(

I can't stop thinking about this game. It was amazing. Any estimation on when another route will be getting close to being out?

Todayyyyyy when's it gonna be today?


this looks like an amazing game, and I would love to play it. However I am finding multiple viruses when I am trying to download it