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holy crap! So excited!!!!!!

playing rn..........Holy Bomb in my face TTnTT ya hit me with a curve ball, I gonna cry. my heart

Whoaa, deep breathes ShadowLamb x'D
Calm down and enjoy the demo <3

Thanks for visiting and letting me know your excitement though!


Guntur....is so cute. As are the others....but Guntur....

Okay, so Guntur is my all time fav but the others are so good too! Just like in the winged ones, all the love interests are so awesome! I honestly can't pick a second favorite, Kah'lil and Arya. I like the both!! I can't wait for more. I need it so bad. Seriously can't wait!!!!!!!


Hi ShadowLamb! Glad to see you back so soon! X'D

I'm happy to know that you think the love interests are all very interesting QuQ my boys have much more to tell and I think you'll like it <3 

And lol, do you best and wait! X'D the sneak peeks will have to do for now sadly