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Hey is there gonna be a Seduce me 3?

A topic by MariaDarkchild created Apr 03, 2017 Views: 1,453 Replies: 5
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I was just curious. Is there gonna be a seduce me 3 game? Because if there is I really hope that in this one that the main character would have the children of one of the incubus brothers in it and you can somehow name them. That would be both awesome and make my day. XD (i am only hoping because in Erik's route in seduce me 2 its mentioned.) OH and Michaela awesome job with # 2

I loved it. Please make more and continue the creativity.





I'm glad you enjoyed Seduce Me 2 =) Unfortunately, there will not be a Seduce Me 3 because I have many other stories to tell.

That does NOT mean the story is over for the incubi and Mika Anderson...

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yay. well continue your stories Michaela they are amazing and I am very glad that the story is not over for the seduce me series. You have an amazing creative mind. I salute you. Tell the guys that they did an awesome job in playing the voice characters for me :3. All of you guys are so amazing. :)

thank god. I absolutely love this game so much...like more than any other dating sim/otome I've played (Mystic Messenger being my big example xD)


and i now understand why programming  renpy is such a task. and makes one cry. Michaela Laws I salute you! 

(currently attempting my first visual novel and crying with programming because imma noob. XD)