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All For You community · Created a new topic As of 5-20-2019

After months and months of erasing files/scripts, imposter syndrome, and frustration, this is what I can show for now. It's not much, but it's bigger than you think. All Art and Music is completed.

It's released now ;D

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Maid With Perfection Ultimate and Apron Academy are still up in the air because of lack of funding and scheduling issues with key members of production.

All For You is in production and is STILL being worked on.

I ask for your patience.

Among the girls, there is not headcanon route =)

There IS, however, a canon story~

There will be violent content and nudity that MAY borderline the rating, but there will be no Sexual Content (Intended to arouse/stimulate desire) of any kind.


I'm glad you enjoyed Seduce Me 2 =) Unfortunately, there will not be a Seduce Me 3 because I have many other stories to tell.

That does NOT mean the story is over for the incubi and Mika Anderson...

There will be a release on Steam; just not pre-purchase. =)


We expect the final content rating to be no more than a PG-16 game. There will be NO ero scenes, but it will have mild/partial nudity like in the CG featured in the demo.

As for submitting to Steam Greenlight, we very much hope to!


Our goal is Quarter 1 of 2017 <3 It all depends on the budget we can get from sales from my other games and pre-purchase sales of this game.