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As of right now, there's been an issue with syncing Google Play keys to Ren'Py so no. I will be trying to sync them, as it is the only way to update the game without making a whole new store listing for it.

Android, yes! Have yet to push the fixes through iphone!

Hi! The Diana Extra endings can be achieved by just playing the episode from the top! You'll be given a choice to see the Diana side at the very beginning should you unlock the harem CG!


Unfortunately, I have no control over bandwidth so I can only assume your issue stems from your internet or your data. Please make sure you have enough space to handle the game (Over 3GB) and that you are either connected to a direct line (ethernet cable?) or are in a high WiFi area.

The size of the game is the only bog down known to download times alongside shoddy internet.

Unfortunately, as Apple is not affiliated with itchio, you will have to purchase the game through their iOS AppStore. I apologize profusely!

Late but I would like to submit Seduce Me: The Complete Story to the mix.

Hi hun!

Is your phone able to handle SM? The game itself is a little under 3GB, so it's a LARGE file for a mobile device. While the APK is a universal one, made to accommodate most android devices, sometimes it's a matter of being able to handle the LARGE size or simply due to the phone being incompatible. 

I apologize!


So the "sm2" bug has been smashed with a hammer! I hope that helps your experience!

As for guides, I haven't had the time to make an ultimate guide for this build, but eventually I shall!

I'm glad you've enjoyed the story thus far! I apologize for the lack of polyamory in this game, but with my story in the fullest context, a harem would not have survived. I'm sorry!

Thank you for your support!


Upon downloading and loading up the game, go ahead and go to Start, then click on the Seduce Me: Episode Series button

As for the progress from SMTO1, I must apologize but the coding is very different in this update, so no progress can be transferred over. However, please know that if you want to auto-skip through the game, you absolutely can using the skip buttons and preference menu!

Working on it! I need specifics on the Gallery, as checking on my end results in no errors.

Hiya! Thanks for the comment.

I do wish beyond all wishes that SM would have had a gender-choice MC, but when I was measuring and calculating prices for making it happen, it was deemed as too impossible without another large funding spree which I simply cannot do.

However, the hope is not thrown out. If this game can make enough sales to cover it, then I can very happily get everyone back and involved in making a gender-choice MC happen. The main things that would need to be added/altered would be the CG's and the voice over, which while both are costly, it's still very minor changes!

I hope it works out simply to help you and others feel included and more immersed into the game!

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To be quite frank, I'm through with KickStarters. There are too many variables now with it and, with so many scammers trying to abuse the rewards system, it's not worth the pursuit.

Unfortunately, we do not have the budget to fund redoing all of the art in Seduce Me (we’re talking 4 digits in dollars!)

If we sell enough copies to cover expenses and other planned budgeting, then maybe we can go back and redo everything :3 -Michaela

This complete edition came to mind when many mobile device users lamented not being able to access the episodes along with the main games. This is pretty much the simplified answer to that demand. I have thought about making a build with just the episodes, but with other things to take care of, this was the simplest solution for a one-in-all pack instead of yet ANOTHER bundle game pack that has to be downloaded along with SM1 and 2 separately.

I apologize.

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You know, that’s fair. I just waited three years for the integral piece of the art in the episode to be done, knowing they were going through some internal stuff, and was patient instead of saying fuck that artist and moving on to someone else. That’s a mistake I made that delayed this episode, so you are 100% correct to say that. My apologies.

It's released now ;D

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Maid With Perfection Ultimate and Apron Academy are still up in the air because of lack of funding and scheduling issues with key members of production.

All For You is in production and is STILL being worked on.

I ask for your patience.


I'm glad you enjoyed Seduce Me 2 =) Unfortunately, there will not be a Seduce Me 3 because I have many other stories to tell.

That does NOT mean the story is over for the incubi and Mika Anderson...

There will be a release on Steam; just not pre-purchase. =)


We expect the final content rating to be no more than a PG-16 game. There will be NO ero scenes, but it will have mild/partial nudity like in the CG featured in the demo.

As for submitting to Steam Greenlight, we very much hope to!


Our goal is Quarter 1 of 2017 <3 It all depends on the budget we can get from sales from my other games and pre-purchase sales of this game.