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This game was really cute. I'm just in love with the artstyle. The ending was pretty dark which was fitting for a Halloween game. Nice job

Thank you :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it.
I'm not quite sure what you mean by "expensive" as the game is free. Are you referring to the upgrades in the game maybe?

The gameplay idea is nice but could use some polishing, as mentioned below, dying most of the time just felt like getting unlucky. The art is really cool and the sound effects/music is very nice.

The small peanuts are blocking the upgrade text at the right. The gameplay idea is nice but a bit bland. Would have been cool if the game was longer, with more upgrades but more peanuts required to win. The theme of the jam was very well incorporated though.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I'm assuming you mean making it so you can both click with the right and left mouse button. I agree, that could be a nice feature

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Thanks for the feedback, if you're talking about the upgrades that are the 5 base ones but bigger, it's because they're not meant to be worth it instantly, I wanted the base upgrades to be more worth it for a while, then the 10x ones for a while, then the 100x ones for a while etc.

thank you :)

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Dope concept for a game and I really enjoyed the graphics, the simplistic art worked really week with all the particles and light effects.
It took me a while to figure out how the cursor thing worked but once I got it, the game was really fun. The procedurally generated levels was very cool as well. I don't really see how this fits the theme but it's a great game nonetheless.

The art was really cool, I'm also a big fan of you how implemented the theme into the game, having to sacrifice health for upgrades. The max range upgrade got a bit cracked after a while though and the enemies became very easy to defeat after upgrading it a couple of times.

Never mind, I just noticed one of the bats has red eyes and that's what I'm meant to look for.

Oh, I guess I'll try it again then, I though I was meant to guess which one of the 4 bats was the vampire. It would have been nice with a short 1-2 word text like in warioware at the start of each game that says what you're meant to do.

Cool concept for a clicker game, the graphics and audio is very nice, I really like the background. The game does however feel a bit incomplete, it would be nice if there was any way of scaling the production instead of just automating it, like maybe buying more land, increasing growth speed, increasing the sell price of the pumpkins or maybe getting more pumpkins per plant. 
The leftmost plant also bugged out after a while and stopped growing, idk why. 

Thank you :)

I know right? I always knew something was missing in this world.

Thank you

The game is pretty cool and the graphics are decent, would have been nice with some background music, and I think the levels are a bit too hard. That being said, the different attacks are cool, I especially liked the yellow one, felt really satisfying to shoot.


Thank you :)

Thanks for the feedback :)

Very cool artstyle and the fact that you could regain health along the track was a nice addition to the gameplay. The details were pretty neat, I really liked that the pit was full of skeletons, something that would have been nice though was if the camera would be moved down a bit so you could see more of the level below you when jumping.

Cute artstyle and a neat concept, I especially like that you had different enemies. Trying to push the spiders was very difficult though and you essentially had no time to react to the bats. A couple invincibility frames after taking damage would have helped as well since the bats just tear through you if you get caught in them.

Cool idea for the theme, It's very strange when some of the graphics are very nice with shading and highlights etc and then the artstyle for the player looks very different, I'm assuming you used a lot of assets and you might want to credit them. The song is pretty nice tho. 

Very cool concept, I really like the art, the controls however are very odd, there were several times where I couldn't place the arrow tiles in the right direction, I feel like the explosion keybind would have been better on a key that's not the same for the arrows.

Very confusing gameplay at the start, and to be honest, I didn't know what I was doing most of the time, but eventually I got to an ending. 
The audio and the visuals of this game is very good, the gameplay should have been more polished though, and maybe a short tutorial.

The game got a bit repetitive after a while so I eventually gave up, maybe change it up a bit so you don't have to do the same thing a hundred times. The art and game idea was really cool though.

Cool concept for a game, I really liked the graphics and the tutorial was well needed. The enemies and player felt way too light though, it was very frustrating trying to attack enemies and then ending up launching them to the other side of the world, same thing happened with the player.

Also, having to constantly move a weapon and the player individually was very tedious, would be nice if there was some way to bind the weapon to follow the player.

Was a bit confusing in the beginning, especially since all the cards spawned too low to see the "Send out" option at the bottom of them.  The portraits of the characters is really nice and the music is pretty fitting. The gameplay could have been improved upon though and the UI element to make the game easier to understand what was going on. 

Incredible game. (almost)Everything in this game is done perfectly. The mix between a clicker and pvz gameplay is very well done, the art is beautiful and the upgrades looking so different is amazing.
A thing that could have been improved however is the lack of information, it was very unclear what some of the towers did and what all the upgrades did, some short info on it (maybe when hovering over it with your mouse) would have helped.  The fact that you added an online leaderboard however is really cool. Expecting to see this in one among the winners. Really nice job :)

I really liked the concept of the game, I think it's a pretty cool  idea. That being said, the graphics aren't the best. Don't get me wrong, a game like this could work with very simplistic graphics, but if you're going to go with just colored shapes in your game, try to make the colors complement each other well (color theory). The hitbox for the "player" that follows the mouse is also very off, and the box itself probably isn't really needed as you can see your mouse cursor anyways. I see you submitted over 4 days before the deadline, that's some time you could have spent making the game feel and look better. Other than that, cool concept :)

As you mentioned, unfortunately the game won't load, the most likely cause for this is the build being compressed. You fix this by going into project settings > Player  and then change compression format to "disabled".

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The art style is amazing, the mix between 3d models and 2d sprites works really well, I also very much like the audio and the concept of the game. What the game falls short on however is the gameplay itself, the first game with the spiders, I didn't even know if I was progressing as there was really no indication of it, maybe a progress bar would have been nice like the one with the divers. I couldn't progress past the game with 4 bats around you, it seems it's just purely rng with nothing to it, and the odds seem to be terribly against you unless I've missed something. 

Cute art and a fitting song. The gameplay could probably have been worked on a bit more to make it more interesting at times but other than that, nice game

Fun concept for an idle game, fits the theme very well. I especially liked the music and sound effects.

Thank you :)

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The design is quite nice, it's clear this draws inspiration from Undertale/Deltarune. The lack of audio is a downside and I didn't seem to progress in the battle, I see you mentioned the game is incomplete but I recommend that you don't focus on all the bad parts of your game and openly bash it (especially in the parts that are meant to attract players) instead, I'd recommend you try to highlight it's strengths, such as the graphics and the unique concept.

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Thanks for the feedback, I agree that the game might be a bit complicated at the start but once you get into it, it's pretty straight forward