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Hi. I have discovered that I am in earlier stage of development than I thought before. Thus final list of icons it's not ready yet.
If you are interested in project itself please give it a follow on Github.

I will write you an e-mail at evening (central european evening - as you are from Brazil we are definitely not in same time zone).

I could not find you on Discord. Could you send me some link or e-mail or other contact?

I am working on vector drawing editor / intuitive CAD called Graph paper.

I need to create some toolbar icons for it but I need them drawn in way which matches my software behaviour (e.g. circle is drawn from center not from upper left corner as is usual in other software).

I am able to pay for this, but my budget it's pretty limited (I can throw at this 20 EUR per month as it's my past time open source project). I will be interesten more in long term cooperation as it will take my some time to develop functionality hidden under these icons.

I need those icons (in consistent style/colors):

  • new file
  • open file
  • save file
  • draw point
  • draw line
  • draw circle
  • draw rectangle
  • draw circular arc
  • measure distance
  • select objects
  • set grid size
  • set/change zoom

(more icons will be added as software development will continue)

If you are interested please contact me / reply here to arrange details.

> to set the dimensions of the project (which I used) actually has resize dialog under Image > Attributes (and if I remember correctly this is same as in old Win98 Paint)

> I made my palette outside of paint
the trick was to actually make palette/template image and then use picker to pick these colors

> layers...
this is biggest difference between old paint and new modern editors. There are some tricks how to emulate layers using copypasting and multiple instances of paint, but I actually forgot how this was done back in the days. We probably don't cared about this as we were just kids playing with computer.

I actually like painting in mspaint, probably because I was used to in past.

This one fact was purely invented. But he can (probably) play it, because it actually run his model of Amiga.

I think this is a great theme, because Andy Warhol actually painted on computer, including his famous Campbell soup.

He was hired by Commodore to promote brand new Amiga 1000 and he painted Debie Harry on in front of live audience.

He actually keep his Amiga and draw some things on which looks suspiciously similar to things we all have painted using MSpaint.

There was a preservational effort done by museum curators and retrocomputing people which resulted in discovery of new previously unseen pieces of art.

Actually - I am going to make game about all this.

See for example this blogpost series about creating 2.5D racing game (similar style to old consoles in cinemas and other places).

This is IMHO good idea. I am already interested about which can you create using only stock Windows MIDI font.


I really like this idea as I found it relaxing to stay on the railway stations.

I really like the old school feeling and stereo sound effects.

same here. Many memories revived.
I especially like the music.

after talking with this red haired girl and trying to convice her I am not a policeman,

Error: DoDialog: all options have been turned off

appears and game crashes