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Works perfectly on 2020.3 thanks!

Congrats on your release! <3

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We noticed people had trouble claiming the game on the previous sales. Those who pay above 2.99 USD or any amount during 'pay what you want', will receive Steam keys, near release day.

Please contact us over Discord, so we can send you your key. Thanks!

EDIT: We are in the process of adding Steam keys so they can be easily requested over itch's purchase page. More info on this later.

EDIT2: Steam keys added!

omg, this is so great ❤️👌

The sale just ended! Feel free to follow us, as we run promotions from time to time. We plan on doing another sale in the near future.

Also, posting game updates next Monday!

Hey, sorry for delay. We changed a few settings now and you should be able to claim it. Please try again, it should work, if not, please let us know! 

Fantastic concept! Love it

Love it!

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On Windows 10 Ps4 controllers work automatically. On Windows 7 you might need to install a external program such as DS4Windows, very easy to use.

There's not much we can do, as our framework expects Xbox compatible joysticks. We might implement native joystick support, to use any kind, but is difficult and time consuming. We will implement custom key mapping, however.

EDIT: Excellent news. Looks like Steam gives support for PS4 and any Direct Input device, without the need of installing anything:

I still need to specify the mapping for it, as some values are off.

Xbox controllers are supported! Works everywhere, except on pause menu. Also supports hybrid keyboard-mouse/joystick.

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Hey, sorry for delay! Glad to know optimized assets improve performance :D I asked if you were a Linux user, because they often provide great feedback about specific things, and your first post was similar. Looks like I wasn't wrong about your technical knowledge!

We've been making games for quite a while, but mixing of sounds is something we should investigate further. For some reason we don't yet know, some sounds are louder than others. This is regardless of sample volume. I believe it might something to do with frequencies, sample rate or something. A quick & dirty hack we do, is to reproduce the same sound twice, so it gets louder. For example, in this game, armor_break1.ogg - armor_break2.ogg sounds. This doesn't always work. However, the library we use, automatically decreases music volume when other sfx is playing, so that's good. So, yeah, we have volume issues. If you happen to know why, it would be insanely helpful!

Oh, so, you mean, that if the sample doesn't have stereo information, then it should be mono, right?

Thanks for your feedback again <3

Hey, sorry for delay and thank you for such detailed feedback! Are you a Linux user under Wine by any chance?
Regarding optimizations, we are doing it as we go, and where are required. There's a lots of steps in that aspect. First step was game optimization (as in performance). Assets optimization is on the TODO list and PNGGaunlet sure it comes handy! We pushing an update after holidays that uses it.

In our tests, loading of complex maps only took aprox 5 seconds on worst case scenarios. What are your system specs?

And... yes, we also need to optimize sounds & music, make them all 48k or so. That is very noticeable on dialogs, where thefirst ones used heavy compression and sounds like a AM radio.

Oh, and the fireflies are disabled on potato mode. All fancy effects are, but fireflies are a story component in level 2, so we gotta tweak that, ty.

Thanks again!

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Amazing tool!

Two issues at the moment:

  1. Is there a way to merge two 'imageCollection' layers? Say, I copy image1 from map1 to map2. Since map2 already contains a 'imageCollection' I ended up with two 'imageCollections', and makes my game crash. Also, is there a way to rename these 'imageCollection' to anything else?
  2. For some reason, deleting more than 3, 4 images makes Tiled crash. This didn't happen on old versions.

Thanks so much for Tiled!

Great, thank you! We are going to try on monday and let you know. Thanks again!

Oh, great to know you found the issue so quickly!

> auto tiling algorithm that uses a 64 tiles pieces

Wow, that's a lot of tiles. I believe the amount of tiles you already feature covers all variations, if not mistaken. I really wonder what you can actually do with 64 combination of tiles.

We will wait for an update, thanks a lot again!

Tileset Gen community · Created a new topic Some oddities
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Hey Eduardo, saludos desde Argentina!

I tried the tileset generator, on HaxeFlixel. My tiles are 35x35. Used Bitwise export option.

Here's the input:

Here's the generated tileset:

Here's ingame:

Now, there's some things:

First of all, the generated tileset has a gap. Not sure if that was intented, but is visible.

Second, there's some cases where the tiles just won't be placed properly. Works 90% of the time, but a bottom left corner ends up missing sometimes. Not sure if is a problem on Haxeflixel's end or what.

Regardless, is a great tool, super practical, but wish there's some way to make it work perfectly.

If you know what's up, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

EDIT: tried your original tileset, same results:

EDIT2: Just noticed the tile gap is not present in your tiles. Perhaps it was a problem on my image input.

This looks incredible fun to play, downloading! Remember to please post this video of yours as your game page trailer!

Great stuff! Wish we could use it. The variations and connections are great. Do you exclusively are doing pixel art work? Because we are looking for someone who can do this, paid work. Thanks!

Great! Thanks you for helping us! We added you on the special thank you credit list. Cheers!

Thanks a lot for taking your time to send us this. From the log can't clearly see what would be the issue. Anyhow, we created another build for you (build 50). Please, give it a try and let us know if does run. In case it crashes, if you can share a simple log like #46, #47 would mean a lot. Thank you!

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Thanks a lot mate! We created a new build just for you (version 49). It shouldn't crash at startup and we removed the caching of sounds because looks like its causing issues. Also we enabled -verbose mode to, hopefully, have more information in case it crashes again. Please let us know how it worked out for you. Thanks again!

Wow, that's actually super useful since we are having issues with sound at the moment and not sure why and don't understand why sometimes it happens and sometimes dont. Do you happen to have the full log just in case? How does it run on Linux (performance wise)? Thanks!

Other players experienced the same. Seems like the game detects input in a wrong way. Go to Options -> Disable Joystick (even if you don't have one). A proper fix is in the way!

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Make sure the game has focus. Also try fullscreen on options. If you have a gamepad connected game will switch to joystick controls instead. WASD and arrow keys are default on keyboard.

Oh, that's very sad to hear. Glitches of this kind are very very rare and when they do happen you can usually walk out. However, if you can somewhat send us a screenshot of the exact location we could investigate further. Thanks for playing!

Oh, thanks for reminds us of that. The new UI still needs a few tweaks. Fixing it on next update!

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We will have that in mind. Thanks tons Lewis, stay super cute!

Linux version is planned in the future! MacOS is sightly more complicated as we don't own a Mac, but if there's enough interest we will try to do our best to have it available on all platforms.

Thanks for your feedback Lewis!

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We just enabled the much more fiendly comment box. Sadly it removed the posts from the old community (there weren't many though). Here's the featured videos people posted:

Thanks for doing such a great video. It is now being featured in-game, on the main menu :)

It's very sad to hear that the game crashed at the end of the video. A hot fix is now available here. desktop app updated the game already :)

This version is performs better and disables the debug mode, in your case, so that the player indicators could be seen:

Thanks again for your work!

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Do you need technical support regarding errors while playing SUPER Cute Alien? Feel free to ask here!

Current issues, that might or might not happen:

  • Custom([file_write,stderr]) at launch: Sometimes, this error will pop-up right when the game opens. It usually happens when different versions of the game were opened (developer, demo or public version). Opening it again might solve the issue. If not, please delete your save data, which is located at "AppData\Roaming\SETENTIA\SUPER Cute Alien".  Select all files and hit delete. They will be created again at lunch.

We value your input

Let us know how we can continue improving our game for you.

Feel free to report any bugs on this topic.


  • Be precise
  • Be clear: explain how to reproduce the problem, step by step, so others can reproduce the bug, or understand the request.
  • Make sure you've got the latest version. Bug might have been fixed already!
  • Include any relevant links, examples, images if possible.