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Thanks a lot mate! We created a new build just for you (version 49). It shouldn't crash at startup and we removed the caching of sounds because looks like its causing issues. Also we enabled -verbose mode to, hopefully, have more information in case it crashes again. Please let us know how it worked out for you. Thanks again!


Sorry for late reply, unfortunately version 49 still crash on both proton and wine tkg 4.3. Here is the terminal message with WINEDEBUG=+relay.


Thanks a lot for taking your time to send us this. From the log can't clearly see what would be the issue. Anyhow, we created another build for you (build 50). Please, give it a try and let us know if does run. In case it crashes, if you can share a simple log like #46, #47 would mean a lot. Thank you!


Version 50 is working great, I can confirm that the game is playable under proton and wine tkg 4.3 & 4.4. There are no error messages about sound assets or undetected cpu/gpu. The game it self run at 60fps (my laptop monitor can only handle 60fps) on my potato machine (core i5, Nvidia 730M).  And here is the log under wine tkg 4.4.

Good luck and thank you!.


Great! Thanks you for helping us! We added you on the special thank you credit list. Cheers!