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Some oddities

A topic by SETENTIA Studios created 40 days ago Views: 42 Replies: 4
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Hey Eduardo, saludos desde Argentina!

I tried the tileset generator, on HaxeFlixel. My tiles are 35x35. Used Bitwise export option.

Here's the input:

Here's the generated tileset:

Here's ingame:

Now, there's some things:

First of all, the generated tileset has a gap. Not sure if that was intented, but is visible.

Second, there's some cases where the tiles just won't be placed properly. Works 90% of the time, but a bottom left corner ends up missing sometimes. Not sure if is a problem on Haxeflixel's end or what.

Regardless, is a great tool, super practical, but wish there's some way to make it work perfectly.

If you know what's up, please let me know. Thanks a lot!

EDIT: tried your original tileset, same results:

EDIT2: Just noticed the tile gap is not present in your tiles. Perhaps it was a problem on my image input.


Hi, SETENTIA Studios. Thanks for your report and sorry for the inconvenience. 

I've spent some time checking what was happening, and realized that there's corners missing in two tiles.

Here's a image with the tiles working how it should:

This is just a modification of the tileset you sent, the fix is not in the Tileset Gen yet. I'll upload a new version tomorrow. 

By the way, i was checking the HaxeFlixel source code, and saw that they managed to implement an auto tiling algorithm that uses a 64 tiles pieces.  I'll add that type of tileset too, after check how the code works.

Oh, great to know you found the issue so quickly!

> auto tiling algorithm that uses a 64 tiles pieces

Wow, that's a lot of tiles. I believe the amount of tiles you already feature covers all variations, if not mistaken. I really wonder what you can actually do with 64 combination of tiles.

We will wait for an update, thanks a lot again!


The fix is up! sorry it took more time than i said. i was working in some others things!

Again, thanks for the report! :D

Great, thank you! We are going to try on monday and let you know. Thanks again!