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The fix is up! sorry it took more time than i said. i was working in some others things!

Again, thanks for the report! :D

Hi, SETENTIA Studios. Thanks for your report and sorry for the inconvenience. 

I've spent some time checking what was happening, and realized that there's corners missing in two tiles.

Here's a image with the tiles working how it should:

This is just a modification of the tileset you sent, the fix is not in the Tileset Gen yet. I'll upload a new version tomorrow. 

By the way, i was checking the HaxeFlixel source code, and saw that they managed to implement an auto tiling algorithm that uses a 64 tiles pieces.  I'll add that type of tileset too, after check how the code works.

Thanks! didn't have much time to add more stuff

At first i wanted to make something to the player get from the point A to de point B, with obstacles and flying enemies. But i didn't have much time to work on that, so i've spend my time working on the main mechanic, so i could show my ideia, then add the others things post jam.

Your two player ideia looks fun. 

Thanks for your feedback! :D

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I'll keep working on it, and add more stuff!


I'll try to keep developing it, and add more stuff!

I'll keep developing further, and see what i can come up with!

Thank you! 

Thank you! :D

I've started to make the game too late, too much technical issues in my dev environment. Spent most of the Saturday fixing stuff. I've tried to add at least enemies, but they are buggy and stuck on the side of the screen, still don't know why!

What do you mean, Paul? The Tileset Gen i've made it's free!

Hey Jonasz, only saw the topic now.

Seems like it's working good, on latest chrome and firefox. What browser you was using at the time?

nice! i like the pseudo-3d graphics!


Good job! I love particle systems, this one is really cool!