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Good evening. I only began to play and I had a mistake in the place where big blue diamond on a pedestal soars. I went to the right and the mistake appeared. And has to be or something not so? This is mistake.

I hope that your new project will be as fine as this. It is possible to learn that for the project and what genre?

I hope, maybe in the future, you add a game with new adventures. It very much was pleasant to me.

I and thought. Thanks for an explanation.

Hi. In a cave where there was a mistake (when you come into it) now everything is all right earlier. But here a question - there I so understand nothing not yet, but is planned? Just bypassed all also nothing:).

P.S: If in a demo there is also something, don't speak where, I will find.

I understand. Reached the end of the game and understood that to ask about continuation there is no sense. It is a pity of course ((, but it was fascinating and interesting)).

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Good evening. There is one more mistake, occurred during fight (approximately on 2-3 course of fight). Sent the link.

This is mistake.

P.S.: And by the way I noticed that the magic skill "Wind" which has to be enemies on a cross - attacks only someone one. And even attacks allies if they got to a cross. Unless and has to be? I consider that it is necessary to correct this defect.This mistake at start of a game (even after unpacked a game).


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Maybe I missed something. But it seems after there was an updating, I can't buy the improved armor and rolls of magic in a game as they aren't on sale. (regardless of what level of the hero since 10). Isn't present on sale: Heal 2, Freeze from magic rolls; things from armor, weapon and elixirs. It is somehow connected with a mirror which can be received at the first visit of Cruxis in the house of the fashion designer or it happened after updating?

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Thanks. I will check now:)!

If I correctly understood everything, when you kill a game comes to an end that is all these improved rolls, things and weapon in a demo won't be available?

Here three of my preservations (1: When I came to the city after fight with the dead and bought nothing, and didn't build; 2: Talked to the elder, built barracks, admitted to group of the 6th character and it was bought before an exit from the city; 3: Constructed a wall for the village it izakupitsya before an exit from the city).

Hi. Noticed changed force to a spider, it seems, after updating. And also noticed that in shop in Cruxis city, some strong rolls of magic, and also elixirs, and the best шмот in a game ceased to be on sale. It is possible to learn why?

I have no Yandex of a disk or Google of a disk to send the link from where to download preservation. Maybe you will send mail address to the personal message and I to you on mail will throw preservation. It is simpler, than to get to me these disks.

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I understand that all work and there isn't enough time. And therefore, I will help than to a smog. Tell how to send you the copy of the preservation and where to send it?

I will send two preservations (where to extra dependence that I constructed) an error message is given. Before this battle I talked to the elder in one of three buildings from above (on the middle). Later there is the city and there a fight. It isn't important what I do there (there it is necessary only two courses will hold on) - I battle or just I stand, but on its termination there is what I described below.

Hello! When you correct that error about which I specified earlier? There is a wish to continue a game after all.

I hope you will correct shortly and update a game. I will look forward.:)

Hello. A game after fight hangs (where it is necessary 2 courses will hold on). And so costs and cannot move, and buttons work. What is so conceived to do or it is a bug?This is bug

Ok, I will wait for your message on updating and advantages:). Progress to you in development and creation of the wonderful and dangerous world in a game)).

I brought the small monetary contribution for the help to your creativity here and I had a question - effects or the fact that it is necessary for that how many brought finance - when are? When a game is completely ready? And how to understand that I received them or I will receive? Forgive if already tired you with the questions.

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Hello. A game is just tremendous!

But there is one question. Prompt what to do after my group was entered by Gideon, Celeste, Ramsey and Cole? I bypassed all card and I do not know where to go; there are two bridges, but there protection and me they do not pass. There is still a cave one, but there I cannot come - a game gives an error message and takes off. Help, please, can and it is conceived!
This is my group,

There is that cave.

Here mistake.

P.S.: Here also those two bridges mentioned earlier in the message.
First bridge.

Second bridge.