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I understand that all work and there isn't enough time. And therefore, I will help than to a smog. Tell how to send you the copy of the preservation and where to send it?

I will send two preservations (where to extra dependence that I constructed) an error message is given. Before this battle I talked to the elder in one of three buildings from above (on the middle). Later there is the city and there a fight. It isn't important what I do there (there it is necessary only two courses will hold on) - I battle or just I stand, but on its termination there is what I described below.

Ok so the city defense battle thanks, for the save just upload it somewhere and send me a link

I have no Yandex of a disk or Google of a disk to send the link from where to download preservation. Maybe you will send mail address to the personal message and I to you on mail will throw preservation. It is simpler, than to get to me these disks.