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Thanks for the kind words and feedback, I have been going over some ideas in my head for a new project but no ETA on that

Hi, I tested all three of your saves twice and wasn't able to reproduce that error. I did however add a simple begin/rescue (try/catch) block around the offending line of code in hopes that will help. But please do realize this game was made quickly for a contest 2 years ago and I haven't worked on it since.

As for the skill affecting allies, that is intended and all skills will affect all targets.

Thanks, I found the problem and made an update. Please re-download to continue with your play through.

Ok so the city defense battle thanks, for the save just upload it somewhere and send me a link

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I'll have to see when I have some free time to look at this one, so sorry but no current ETA

It would be useful if you could send me your save file and let me know what you were doing when you found the bug, thanks

Sounds like a bug, thanks for letting me know