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Good evening. There is one more mistake, occurred during fight (approximately on 2-3 course of fight). Sent the link.

This is mistake.

P.S.: And by the way I noticed that the magic skill "Wind" which has to be enemies on a cross - attacks only someone one. And even attacks allies if they got to a cross. Unless and has to be? I consider that it is necessary to correct this defect.This mistake at start of a game (even after unpacked a game).


Hi, I tested all three of your saves twice and wasn't able to reproduce that error. I did however add a simple begin/rescue (try/catch) block around the offending line of code in hopes that will help. But please do realize this game was made quickly for a contest 2 years ago and I haven't worked on it since.

As for the skill affecting allies, that is intended and all skills will affect all targets.

I understand. Reached the end of the game and understood that to ask about continuation there is no sense. It is a pity of course ((, but it was fascinating and interesting)).