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Hi. Noticed changed force to a spider, it seems, after updating. And also noticed that in shop in Cruxis city, some strong rolls of magic, and also elixirs, and the best шмот in a game ceased to be on sale. It is possible to learn why?

Yes. Those scrolls weren't supposed to be available until after you kill the Ogre. That is now fixed with the update, just like the access to the ship and the heroes on the docks should not be there, either. All of that was tied together, and now that I fixed the error, they should not be there anymore.

If I correctly understood everything, when you kill a game comes to an end that is all these improved rolls, things and weapon in a demo won't be available?

I'm sorry but I don't understand your question

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Maybe I missed something. But it seems after there was an updating, I can't buy the improved armor and rolls of magic in a game as they aren't on sale. (regardless of what level of the hero since 10). Isn't present on sale: Heal 2, Freeze from magic rolls; things from armor, weapon and elixirs. It is somehow connected with a mirror which can be received at the first visit of Cruxis in the house of the fashion designer or it happened after updating?

Yes, some of this was taken out after an update.