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This is amazing, thank you for your generosity!

Awesomely creepy


I second TwentyFree's thoughts!

All I see when I look at him laughing is Soda Popinski from Punch Out <3

Love it! Great job!

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This is an amazing OST.

Been listening to it for 2 weeks straight and it's a masterpiece.

Loooooove "Jupiter" <3

Loving this, Caz!

Thank you! ❤️

6/5 stars and LMAO in an epic way


Awesome + fun one!

Awesome + fun one!

A furry good time!

This game is RPG Maker-24-hour perfection. Highly recommended.

An nice fun one that shows the potential of the engine to make something short and sweet that can wrap up either a minute or ten.

An nice fun one that shows the potential of the engine to make something short and sweet that can wrap up either a minute or ten.

I just shot you an email 👍🏻 Sorry, no discord 😩

I would consider it. You wanna shoot me details via a Twitter DM @goldunigaming ?

YouFulca is the toppest of top tier musicians!  LOVE YOUR WORK! <3

LOL "Even crappy stuff is great when it's free" LOL (not true but funny)

Brilliant!  <3 LOVE IT

Super interesting!  Best of luck!  Love the art!

This game looks amazing!  Keep up the good work!

Looks amazing!  LOVE the title screen and the battlers!

Great to hear!  <3 

I definitely check this daily in case people need assistance but I'm always available almost immediately on Twitter (@GoldUniGaming) and I have no prob whatsoever assisting.  And like I said, if you don't wanna go back, I can easily figure out a way to help you complete the bestiary at a later date, when it's time to be complete has arrived!  

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So 030 is one of the challenger fights.  His name is Thrain, he stands next to the food stand in Cruxis... but he leaves Cruxis after you save Gardenia (which is where you are now). 

Entry 039 is Lillia, another challenger event.  She's the blue haired elf that stands in the southeast corner of Gardenia.  She leaves after you awaken Nolan with the flower, so you CAN still fight her and get her entry in the bestiary.

Do your best to talk to everyone in every town and if you run across a challenger you have a limited time to fight them and get their entry.

Don't worry about going back and getting Thrain... play the game more and when you get to Bardstown and run into the guy with the interest in the Bestiary hit me up on Twitter and I'll see if I can get a fix in for you.  Or... email me your save file.  My email is

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Do you have a prior save to maybe go back a few fights and do things differently? Do you have a poison spell? The ogres are your last obstacle at the mountain so blow everything you've got and don't fear a boss fight or anything. Let me know if you still can't get past and I'll see if I can't figure it out for you. 

Great to hear!  Just wait, it'll get WAAAY better, too!

In the northwest corner of that cave is a treasure chest with a Fire Scroll.  Memorize the scroll and hit the troll with fire.  It will remove his regeneration! (If you read the book in Calista's house, it will tell you that) Happy gaming!

$4.99!!! It will be released on itchio very soon. Admittedly Ive been wrapping things up on Steam and it has taken longer than planned. Check out some of my reviews so far... it has been well recieved!

Great! Let me know how you like it! The full game will be released soon here! I'm just tying up loose ends on Steam first!

Sorry this took so long for me to get back to you.  Drop me an email at and we'll discuss this further.  It would require a LOT of work on your part and I'm curious to know what you're expecting...

Only for the easy transition to other platforms.  But it's definitely not worth my time redoing everything.  This game has been way too long in the making and I'm very pleased with the end result.  Additionally, I'm not that big a fan of the MV graphics and it would require additional thousands of dollars to port the graphics over.  Besides, I can get ATHOPS to port over to MAC now, but I need to eliminate the screen resizing script (kinda sucks, but not game-breaking).

Yes, Ace

RPG Maker. I'm releasing a much needed, updated demo either today or tomorrow based on all the feedback I've received as well, so hold off if you are considering a DL for another day!

Yes, some of this was taken out after an update.

Let me know what you think, Maria!