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Hello! When you correct that error about which I specified earlier? There is a wish to continue a game after all.

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I'll have to see when I have some free time to look at this one, so sorry but no current ETA

It would be useful if you could send me your save file and let me know what you were doing when you found the bug, thanks

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I understand that all work and there isn't enough time. And therefore, I will help than to a smog. Tell how to send you the copy of the preservation and where to send it?

I will send two preservations (where to extra dependence that I constructed) an error message is given. Before this battle I talked to the elder in one of three buildings from above (on the middle). Later there is the city and there a fight. It isn't important what I do there (there it is necessary only two courses will hold on) - I battle or just I stand, but on its termination there is what I described below.

Ok so the city defense battle thanks, for the save just upload it somewhere and send me a link

I have no Yandex of a disk or Google of a disk to send the link from where to download preservation. Maybe you will send mail address to the personal message and I to you on mail will throw preservation. It is simpler, than to get to me these disks.