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Prime Function: Holt

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Thanks, planned to add audio last, as it drastically increases compile times, but I spent the last 5 hours trying to work around a series of build issues. Never was able to actually get the build complete, so what you're playing are cached files of a previous test run. Good times.

I'll upload the mostly functional version when I get this build issue worked out and I'll try to get that audio in.

Couldn't export the project for some reason, so I finally just uploaded my browser cached test files. Currently pretty generally janky. Will see if I can re-export/re-upload again later tonight.

Super weird and original concept. One of my favorite entries.

Definitely one of my favorite entries. Great work, man.

Paypal: "We can't process your payment right now, so please try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience." Tried several times and I use this account to make successful payments frequently.

This happens so often with payments. I wonder what's up with that.

"(which nobody benefits from except maybe the top percentage of developers here) "

I'm having trouble understanding your perspective on that. Anyone who is trying to sell a product, whether it be an asset, a game, a tool, whatever, are competing with other sellers for a potential customer's time and attention. They obviously benefit from any information that tells them how their marketing methodology is performing.

"Global rankings especially tend to drive amateurs and hobbyists away in my experience, marginalizing creators even further"

Honestly, that seems like wild, unsubstantiated speculation presented as fact. It probably applies to some amateurs and hobbyists, but certainly not everyone.

@Tekugare Thanks! Writing a turn-based tactics game was probably a bit too ambitious with the time I had. I was pushing to the last several minutes, trying to squeeze in a little more, but I only really ended up introducing some last minute bugs. =P

Notice: Tombstone is the official CGA Jam version.

v0.1.47 should not taken into consideration when voting. We're still working on the project and this version contains some post-jam bug fixes.

@mdmnk & @NPJarcade: Thanks, guys -- We're definitely going to keep working on the project. Still a lot of bugs and issues I wasn't able to address before the deadline that I'm going to clean up, while refactoring, then we'll start filling the game out some.

Thanks, Ash. It was a lot of fun deviating from the structured, calm progression of coding into the dark and messy, desperate writing of spaghetti code, while attempting to hit the game jam's finish line. I intend to release a patched version in a few days (maybe at the end of the jam).

After that, we're probably going to rewrite the engine cleanly and continue working on this project.

Simple and awesome.

Looking forward to this game-jam! Quick question, could we get RGB or hex values for the specific hues of each palette? I'm getting a lot of tone, tint, and shade pollution and I'm having a little trouble extracting the core palette.