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No, it is not an error. That version has all conditions needed to inflate.

Sorry, loading does not work inside iFrame. Try right-clicking to open it in a separate window, and importing it there. After that, you should be able to return to the game page.

Yes, that Sudoku is frustrating to play - but in return, the puzzle themselves was made to be rather easy.

Generation from all stars is actually consistent - you need to click in the dead center for best results. Since it is not trivial for smaller stars, further upgrades require more precision. You can ignore them, however.

Use Energy Grid Kits.

Seems like the 50 energy Extraction is bugged and might start even if the worker does not have 50 energy, which can turn it negative after the extraction.

You cannot reroll the Propulsion Room selection, but you can use everything else (Printer Room internal buffer is still filled up, and your space suit is prioritized) - so you still can increase your production.

Thanks! Hopefully fixed the bug (did not check myself, though).

Wow, I don't believe it turned out to be playable on mobile at all. Thanks for your serious dedication!

The oxygen consumption was mostly balanced around no-death experience (though "balanced" is a strong word - I don't believe that anyone of the devs did a full playthrough before release, I just did it in broad strokes as I developed through), so that's probably why you found it to be a non-issue.

The upgrades are unlocked in a somewhat random order - there is no seeming benefit to reducing the orbit radius until you turn your gun into a laser, and that laser itself is locked behind a completely visual effect which is mostly useless anyway. Other than that, it is a nice little game.

Are we supposed to compile it ourselves?

I grinded for a building - it does not get much better after that anyway.

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XP booster II and Mass booster say they cost energy, but they actually cost mass. Energy Upgrades automation settings display by default as a checked box but with the description "auto: off", which is a bit confusing - is it off or on?

(by the way, if anyone else like me before is stuck on the generator with two upgrades, the Mass tab appears at some point during the game)

I would suggest editing your game on Itch and uploading the proper file - it does indeed look like your submission lacks the actual game.

No, sorry, I'm not supporting this game currently.

I think I made a fixed layout for this, so the game page is at least 1440 pixels wide or so. This might be the problem if you screen has less than that, yes. Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for this problem. 

No, it was actually intended to show next version changes, because this way it shows the effect of clicking the button (also, if it showed the current version, the changelog will be empty at at the first update, creating another sort of confusion: what does this Version button even do?).

You might have deleted it too hard and broke something in the process. Please use only developer-approved patches.

What do you mean?

In order for the game to know that you did tick the action, that data should be in the save. Traffic Light Incremental is tricky in this part: if you beat the game, it stops saving altogether (due to an error - at least that was my experience the last time I checked it).

Oh, well, the download client probably did not exist back then. Have no clue how to support it. 

It takes 30 seconds to save Traffic Light Incremental, that's why the condition was changed from beating the game to temper tantrum. 

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That is extremely strange.

Are there any errors in console when you open the page? (you can open console by right-clicking anywhere and selecting "Inspect Element", then switching to Console tab)

Did you try to assign Engineers to your storage buildings?

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It should be possible. The storage limit applies only to energy. 

Sounds like broken JavaScript. 

If it does not go away after page reload: which browser (+version) are you using? 

If anyone is interested in creating them, mods are welcome. The source code is on GitHub:

They are weak, yes. The main benefit of Infinity is rerolling/getting more Heroes, and no present upgrade can actually stand against that. 

Dimensional Sacrifice should remove the amounts of all your previous dimensions; it should take a while to get back, if you reset for a small boost. 

I'm going to make version history open as a window, when I have time. 

Dimensions produce other dimensions (2nd produce 1st, 3rd produce 2nd, and so on). So, in a sense, all dimension outputs are multiplied together.

Yeah, I think it was reported occasionally. Looks strange. I will check it.

Eventually, you will unlock higher quality Heroes, and you gain more of them (as a fraction) in higher quality crates.

Yes. v0.3 introduces inflation, and the next version fixes it. 

Yeah, true, actions are just a timekiller so you have something to do if you are bored of waiting. They can be skipped without losing much. 

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The bugs actually cancel each out, so it is playable! The path is just a bit nontrivial.

Name, production multiplier, amount (bought in brackets). 

Thanks, I will check it when I have the time.

It shouldn't be that slow. Which paths did you pick?

Buying is actually the highest priority; it is just that selling is the lowest one, so that you would see the energy capped instead of hovering somewhere lower. 

Thanks, fixed.

Which browser are you using? That should help to investigate the problem. 

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It actually already has a toggle to not buy if unprofitable, unlocked by one of the early techs.