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Posted in Known bugs

My controller just happened to be plugged in and I hadn't touched it at all while playing (other than to disconnect it). I like using the mouse to move around and the keyboard for commands.

Posted in Known bugs

I ran into a bug today on the current Steam version (1.0.4) which I think might be caused by the beta controller support. Keyboard commands refused to work unless I pressed the key at least twice in a row. I disconnected my controller and the problem immediately went away; I didn't need to restart the game or anything. If it helps, I'm running Windows 10 and my controller is a DS3 which I'm using via a program called Scarlet Crush.

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Since this is a thread with 'other questions' I guess I'll just ask my question here instead of starting an entirely new topic for it.

How does the passive trait Critical Recovery work for enemies who have it? Is it just a random proc chance once they get hit below the health percentage threshold or am I missing something? I've been doing a Ruin difficulty run of the game and every enemy Sage seems to have it (as well as some monsters). These healers are inevitably the last to die in a fight because even if I hit them with something that does ~20 damage in a single hit they usually just bounce back to more than they had before I hit them (depending on their max health) and the effect seems to be able to trigger multiple times per round. Generally, it seems to come down to getting in 2 'lucky' hits in a row where the passive doesn't activate to finally finish them off.

Replied to Willsama in Known bugs

I noticed the mask thing and it also applies to gems, blacksmith patterns, and anything else which is otherwise automatically removed upon going back to town. I also had a key from the fourth area disappear on me when I had it in my inventory upon going back to town, but I was able to keep it a second time around by putting it in a bag. I have no idea if it's meant to disappear or not.

Posted in Known bugs

I ran into a lighting bug in the fourth region. I was controlling a character using the Voidlight passive as my light source and another party member was equipped with a Laser Greatsword. Whenever I was in a pitch-black room the light source would alternate between that of my Voidlight and the much weaker light of the Laser Greatsword as I moved around, leaving me with nothing but the faint glow from the laser about 50% of the time. This occurred during the run in which I first encountered the giant eye monster so I have no clue if that had something to do with it, but I haven't been able to replicate this issue on future runs and I don't remember any other information.

Posted in Comment section

I made a new save file in the 'unstable' version and the lag seems to be gone in that one area. I tested it with all three robots and I made my way to the end of it without noticing any issues.

I also talked to the robots, assuming you mean the one on the cliff and the one which refers to itself as a 'calculator bot' and it worked fine (though there is a typo where the calculator bot says 'equiped' instead of 'equipped'). My only issue with them is that you can only talk to them by pressing Enter, but I had been interacting with the terminals, teleporters, and the Explorer Mind by pressing up so I didn't even realize that you could actually talk to them until now. Would it be possible to allow players to interact with them by pressing up as well as Enter?

Posted in Comment section

I recently finished this game and liked it enough to get all the data and every(?) ending. It didn't take as long to complete as a dead world's dream, but I think the level design was stronger overall and the optional challenge riddles were great. I'm not sure if you plan to update this game at all in the future, but I did encounter a lag issue inside the larger airship in the fourth area where there would be a considerable amount of slowdown while the flamethrowers were active.